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21 Oct

Although the weekend didn’t necessarily start on a good note since I had to work all day Saturday, I was determined to make sure that the rest of the weekend was awesome, starting with Saturday night.

This past week in Connecticut was Connecticut Restaurant Week 2013. Basically it meant that there were over 100 restaurants in CT that were offering fixed-price menu options for $20.13. I had never participated in Connecticut Restaurant Week previously but after a crappy Saturday at work I decided it was just what I needed that night. We chose Max Fish in Glastonbury since it has recently become one of our favorite places to go, especially for happy hour!

The 2013 CT Restaurant week menu

The 2013 CT Restaurant week menu


We arrived at around 7:45pm and there was only about a five minute wait while they set up our table. I already had a specific cocktail in mind that I had just recently had there at happy hour a few weeks earlier. The drink is called “The Dirty Loco” and it is a mixture of vodka, olive juice, and tabasco aka, right up my alley (I LOVE savory drinks).

The Dirty Loco!

The Dirty Loco!

Needless to say, that drink definitely hit the spot and we were ready to order our food. We started by splitting a delicious bowl of clam chowder. I don’t usually order soup as it tends to fill me up but this was amazing and I was so hungry that it barely made a dent.

Delish Clam Chowder!

Delish Clam Chowder!

A few minutes into our chowder our waitress brought over a basket of bread. Dan quickly went for the huge sourdough roll (he is all about the bread) and I grabbed a more interesting looking piece of bread. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the flavors but it definitely included raisins and there was also some kind of licorice type of flavor going on there too which made it very interesting.

The bread that I chose- still not sure how I felt about it

The bread that I chose- still not sure how I felt about it

Our entrees came out almost as soon as we finished our bread. (Side note: the service at Max Fish is excellent). We both went with option one of the CT restaurant week menu: The New England Lobster Boil. This included a 1lb steamed lobster, clams, mussels, chorizo, potatoes, and some fall veggies. This was one of the best meals that I have ever had! The lobster was cooked perfectly and the clams and mussels were so fresh. I do have to say that the biggest surprise of the night were the brussel sprouts included with the fall vegetables. I have never really been a huge fan but these definitely won me over and I will attempt to order them as a side dish more often when I go out.

Only one word for this entree- amazing!

Only one word for this entree- amazing!

The waitress tried to convince us to get dessert but we were way too stuffed to even consider it. Overall, this was a great meal at one of my favorite restaurants and it ended up being so affordable because of the CT Restaurant Week deal.

We ended the night by catching some of the Red Sox game at our favorite local spot, The Diamond Pub & Grill (I will definitely do a full post on this place later) and having a glass of wine (beer for Dan). It was a great night and we were definitely exhausted and excited to head home to watch the game and catch up on sleep!

I hope everyone had a good start to the week!


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