A Day in the Eats!

23 Oct

I hope everyone is having a great week! Thank goodness it’s already halfway over! I figured that today I would write about what I normally eat on a day-to-day basis (during the work week) to give you some more back ground info on my life. My meals during the week don’t vary too much with the exception of my dinners.

For breakfast each day I usually grab something at home and bring it to work. I’m not usually too hungry when I first wake up so that gives me some time to work up an appetite. Most days for breakfast I usually bring a greek yogurt and lately the flavor that I have been obsessed with is vanilla. I usually buy whatever brand is on sale but these past few weeks I have been enjoying Yoplait’s greek 100 calorie variety.

On the way to work I have been stopping at a local place called Daybreak Coffee Roasters which is located in the center of town. They have excellent coffee and a nice variety of baked goods for when I am having a carb craving. Normally I go for a large peppermint iced coffee (black) but today it was quite chilly out so I went out on a limb and tried one of the coffees of the day which was Snickerdoodle. It was so delish and I will definitely be ordering that again soon. I also got a apple cinnamon muffin and that was wonderful as well. I don’t always get a muffin but there are some days where I am absolutely starving and I know that the yogurt and coffee will not be enough.

Usually I stop and take a break around 12:45 each day to have a little snack. I try to stick with fruit or a granola bar. The past couple of days I haven’t been too hungry since I have been fighting off a cold (yuck) so I didn’t have an afternoon snack but I was definitely starving by lunch time.

Most days I try my best to take my lunch as late as possible (around 3:00) since my hours are 10:00-6:30 and the later the lunch, the less likely I am to be super hungry at dinner time and then I won’t over eat. I have kind of fallen into a groove lately where I have been bringing the same lunch most days. On Sundays I have been cooking up a couple of boneless chicken breasts, usually by boiling them since its easiest, and then I have been making a huge batch of chicken salad with mayo, celery, carrots, garlic powder, and salt & pepper. I have been trying to cut back on the bread intake so I pack some kashi crackers to scoop up the chicken salad. My sides do tend to vary but this week I have been bringing a cup of unsweetened apple sauce, a can of V8, and a 100 calorie vanilla greek yogurt. I try to be as healthy as possible but there are definitely days where my lunch is not enough to fill my hunger so I go to the vending machine to get a bag of chips.

As far as dinner goes, I do make a huge effort to plan our dinners in advance each week. I’m kind of a control freak in that way (my fiancee will definitely back me up on that one). My cooking skills are somewhat limited but I definitely do my best to make a new recipe at least once every two weeks. Normal dinners for us include pot roast, grilled cheese & tomato soup, chicken quesadillas, pasta & sauce, and Subway. Tonight I made a recipe which I actually found on Sweet Tooth Sweet Life (awesome healthy living blog, check it out!) which is Lean Beef & Vegetable soup. The only thing I changed was that I used ground turkey instead of ground beef. I threw everything in the crock pot this morning and hopefully I will come home to a delicious dinner! I will definitely let you guys know how it turns out.

Have a great end of the week!


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