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Three Things Thursday: Fun and Friends!

19 Dec

Hello there! I know its been quite a while since my last post but things have been so insane with starting to plan the wedding and the upcoming holidays. I wanted to do a three things Thursday post to tell you guys about some of the amazing things that have been going on in my life lately!

1. Christmas (and New Year’s) are just around the corner!

It seems like the holiday season this year has just flown by and Christmas is only 6 days away! Luckily, I have stayed ahead of the game this year and I am done with the shopping and the wrapping. Although we are having our (2nd) annual Christmas party tomorrow at our apartment and I am stressing quite a bit about that. Last year it was just kind of a last minute thing thrown together and we had a few appetizers and drinks with about ten of our closest friends. This year, a great deal of planning went into the party and we are having nineteen people at the party (in our one bedroom apartment!). I am very excited and I have been for weeks but I am just super nervous about all of the normal hostess things such as will there be enough room, enough food, will everyone bring a grab bag gift, etc. I’m sure it will go very smoothly and it will be great to have a lot of our friends over to celebrate the holiday.

Awesome sign… so true!

 2. I am absolutely loving the winter weather!

Although the cold can be a pain sometimes, I really do enjoy this time of year. I love being able to get all cozy at night in my warmest PJs and be able to go out in a sweater and leggings with a cute scarf. It also brings more reasons to try some new cocktails (to stay warm of course!) when we are out to dinner celebrating Christmas with friends. In fact, last night we went to Plan B with our friends Cheyne and Miko and I tried the “New Fashioned” which was Buffalo Trace Bourbon, simple syrup, Peach Tree, fresh orange, lemon, and lime. It was so delicious and definitely a different flavor than I am used to! I feel like I need to start ordered different types of cocktails when we are out so that I can experience as much as possible and find new types of alcohol that I enjoy.

The "New Fashioned" at Plan B!

The “New Fashioned” at Plan B!

3. Meeting and making “new” friends

I feel like lately I have had the pleasure of meeting and making a lot of new friends. I am SO lucky! One person who I met recently was Caitlin (author of the amazing blog Cait Plus Ate!) since I won an adorable Blue Nile necklace in one of her blog giveaways. We decided to meet up on Tuesday morning at Daybreak since we both love their coffee. We only talked for a few minutes but she was as sweet and charasmatic as I had expected and I can’t wait to get together for drinks sometime after New Year’s. Also, Dan and I have been spending a lot of time lately with Kevin and Katie, who are friends that are pretty new to me. Kevin was Dan’s very best friend growing up and they hadn’t hung out as much while they were both in college but Kevin is now working very close to home so we hang out with him and his girlfriend Katie on a weekly basis! They are so nice and funny and I look forward to seeing them every week 🙂

It has been quite a whirlwind lately and I can’t wait to recap on all of the holiday fun coming up in the next few days. They include the Christmas party, a trip to a local vineyard and a kids Christmas party at the fire house. I am SO excited, especially since this is my absolute favorite time of year! I just hope it doesn’t go by too quickly. I hope you guys have a safe and happy holiday! Merry Christmas!