Sunday Funday

2 Mar

Happy Sunday! So I know I have taken a slight hiatus from blogging as of late but I promise I’m back! There have been so many amazing things going on in my life as of late (friends 21st birthdays, engagements, etc) that I have just completely lost track of time. I figured I will just pick up with the here and now instead of trying to catch you up on everything. I’m sitting here right now as we speak with a glass of wine next to me watching the Oscars with my fiancée (he is such a trooper, I know). We have had a great and busy weekend with some wonderful meals thrown in as well.

We made another visit to Krust in Middletown and it is very quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants of all time. I can thank Cait from Cait Plus Ate for that recommendation (as well as for my new obsession with brussels sprouts). I have been there three times now and every single time I have ordered the Sunny-Side Up pizza with baby cabbages added of course! Apparently, fried eggs are amazing on everything (I recently tried one on a Plan B burger as well) and I will definitely be paying more attention to menu items which include eggs in them.

Krust’s Sunny Side Up pizza! Delish!

On a completely random note, but totally Oscars related, how awesome is Jennifer Lawrence? She has more class and grace than pretty much any other actress I have ever seen. She is also completely comfortable with herself which is something which is practically unheard of in today’s day and age. I can’t wait for the day when I can trip and fall (not once but twice!) in front of all of my peers and not even blink an eye.

She fell again! And laughed it right off.. love her! Source: E! News

She fell again! And laughed it right off.. love her! Source: E! News

Another recent obsession for me has been cardio kickboxing. I have been taking my cardio kickboxing “classes” on my Xbox Kinect fitness game at least three times a week and let me tell you, it is a great workout. And tonight, I randomly signed up for a Living Social deal for a month of unlimited kickboxing classes at The Academy of Martial Arts and Personal Development in Manchester. I’m really making a conscious effort to get in shape so I think this is a good step towards that goal.

One thing that has been helping with my effort to become healthier is a recipe that I found on Pinterest which I have been making for lunch for the past three weeks. It’s called Clean Eating Tuna Pasta Salad and I completely obsessed with it. It’s not too often that I can say that I look forward to the lunch I have brought to work every single day but this recipe has done that for me. It is also super easy to make. The main ingredients are whole grain pasta, light chunk tuna, celery, onion, plain greek yogurt and a very little bit of mayo. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy lunch that can be prepped at the beginning of the week and that is also healthy AND tasty!

Alright, I think that is enough random thoughts for tonight and my fiancée is bugging me to pay attention to the TV. However, I will be back tomorrow 🙂 Thank you for listening to my rambling!


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