WIAW- Rooftop 120

19 Mar

I know I’m a little late on this review but I knew it was perfect for a “What I Ate Wednesday” post. Last Thursday evening, I dined at Rooftop 120 in Glastonbury’s Eric Town Square with one of my closest friends, Carlee. We were celebrating her new job at the company where I work, The Hartford. I usually have a few regular places in town where we go for dinner but I figured a new job called for a fancy (and new-to-me) place.

The restaurant wasn’t too busy for a Thursday evening and we settled into two seats at the bar. There was live music playing (I have no idea who it was- sorry!) and it was the perfect setting for a celebration. We knew that drinks were definitely in order so we looked over the drink menu (SO many great options) and made our decisions. I decided on a Black Raspberry flavored sparkler which was basically Prosecco mixed with black raspberry puree. There were fresh raspberries on the bottom too!

Rooftop 120 Blackberry Sparkler

Rooftop 120 Blackberry Sparkler

Carlee had a tougher time deciding and our bartender Jenna recommended the White Grape Moscato martini which was Skyy Moscato Grape vodka mixed with white cranberry juice. This was also garnished with fresh grapes. The drinks were both so refreshing and delicious and I can’t wait to go back to try the MANY other drink options.

Rooftop White Grape Moscato Martini

Rooftop White Grape Moscato Martini

Carlee and I had both looked at the menu online prior to our arrival so our choices for food were pretty quick. I chose to go with a spinach salad and I added ahi tuna to that. I also got a side of truffle fries because I have been OBSESSED with all things truffle lately. Carlee (who is a self-proclaimed picky eater) got the margarita flatbread. My salad included local goat cheese, roasted red peppers, spinach, ahi tuna, and balsamic vinaigrette. It was SO tasty and the perfect portion for my level of hunger. This was only my second experience with ahi tuna and it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The truffle fries were good, although they were nothing different from the truffle fries that I always get when I go to Plan B (which happens to be located just below Rooftop!). Carlee said that she enjoyed her flatbread as well and that the garlic flavor definitely stood out and made it different from other flatbreads she has had.

Spinach salad with ahi tuna

Spinach salad with ahi tuna

Our waitress (she was also the bartender) Jenna was so helpful and charismatic. We were unsure if we were going to get dessert at that point but she had us sold when she mentioned the deep-friend double-stuffed Oreos! These were definitely the highlight of the evening. I look forward to them every year at the local Big E state fair in Springfield, Mass and this was just such a special treat. They were perfectly fried and lightly covered with powdered sugar with a side of milk to dip them in (and you better believe I did just that!). This was Carlee’s first experience with deep-fried Oreos and she was in awe of how amazing they were.

BEST part of the meal! So amazing!

BEST part of the meal! So amazing!

I would definitely recommend Rooftop 120 to anyone who is looking for a great cocktail in a fun setting. While the meal was a little pricey for a weekly kind of meal, it is definitely somewhere I can see myself going for a special occasion or when I’m looking for a place to go for drinks with the girls.

Have you ever dined at a rooftop bar?

Would you have liked our meal selections?


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