Marvelous Monday: Relaxation

24 Mar

There are a lot of marvelous things to report about this past weekend and most of them involve time spent on the couch (which is always marvelous!) This weekend included a lot of unexpected relaxation and quality time with Dan. I definitely LOVED it!

Marvelous is…  a dinner at City Steam in Hartford with Dan and my coworkers. We went out to celebrate a few of my coworkers promotions to different jobs within the company and it was an excellent meal. I had the Cobb salad which included all of the normal fixings of a cobb salad but it had gorgonzola vinaigrette which was unexpected and delicious! We left Hartford after dinner and one drink as to avoid drinking too much and not being able to drive. Once we got home, we headed over to the Diamond which is our usual Friday night spot for some shenanigans with our friends.

City Steam Cobb Salad! Yum!

City Steam Cobb Salad! Yum!

Marvelous is… taking a “mental health day” on Saturday and staying home from work. I haven’t used much vacation time this year at all and work was SO busy this past week. I woke up exhausted on Saturday morning (partially from my late night out- oops!) and all I wanted to do was put my PJs back on and lay on the couch all day. That is exactly what I did. I hadn’t actually ever called out before in the almost three years I have been working there so I had to ask a coworker how to do it! Dan and I spent the day relaxing and we watched “White House Down” as well as a LOT of March Madness basketball.

Marvelous is… a tasty dinner from Whole Foods on Saturday night! We decided to venture out from our relaxation day to get something yummy for dinner. We decided on salmon marinated in Italian dressing, steamed mussels, Brussels sprouts (of course), and baked sweet potatoes. We also built our own six pack where we each chose three new beers that we wanted to try. Dinner was wonderful and in my opinion, there is nothing better than quality time spent cooking with Dan. The night ended with another UConn win which made it a perfect Saturday! Go Huskies!

Healthy and delicious!

Healthy and delicious!

Marvelous is… a difficult but successful workout on Sunday followed by a nap and dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. The workout was Jillian Michael’s Banish Fat and Boost Metabolism and man, was it hard! I’m telling you guys, she does not mess around when it comes to her workouts. I’m glad I did it though because it excused my lazy afternoon nap and a delicious (but definitely not healthy) dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. A new location just recently opened up in nearby Wethersfield and we had a leftover Christmas gift card to use so we met Alex there for dinner.

Love these two! :)

Love these two! 🙂

Dan and I both started off with a Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy which was so refreshing and delicious and it made me wish for summer that much more.

Perfection in a glass

Perfection in a glass

Alex and I split the Garden Crasher appetizer which was a bunch of veggies and some pita bread with hummus and cucumber dip for dipping. I have definitely been craving ALL the veggies lately so when I saw this I knew I had to order it. It was perfect and filling enough that I didn’t stuff myself the rest of the meal.

ALL the veggies!

ALL the veggies!

For my entrée I did the 10-piece boneless wings split into two flavors, bourbon honey mustard and spicy garlic. I definitely liked the bourbon honey mustard better while the spicy garlic had the heat but I really didn’t detect much garlic flavor at all. The bourbon honey mustard was full of flavor and I recommend it to anyone looking for wings other than the standard buffalo variety. Dinner was so much fun and it was a great way to end the weekend!

Bourbon Honey Mustard and Spicy Garlic wings

Bourbon Honey Mustard and Spicy Garlic wings

Did you get to relax this weekend?

Do you ever feel like you need a “mental health day” to decompress and relax?


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