Marvelous Monday!

31 Mar

I can’t believe how quickly this weekend flew by! That always seems to be the case on the weekends when I don’t have to work since they are filled with ALL the fun. This weekend was no exception as it was packed with great food, fun, and friends!

Marvelous is… my UConn Huskies making it to the Final Four! Friday and Sunday’s games were clearly the highlight of my weekend. For dinner Friday night we had some leftover pizza with a salad that we ordered from Giovanni’s. A couple of our friends also came over and we watched UConn defeat Iowa State and then we headed over to the Diamond for some drinks. The next game was on Sunday afternoon and since we had dinner plans with Dan’s parents later, we invited them over to watch the game. The game was exciting and I am beyond excited that my Huskies have made it to the Final Four!

I love the emotion in the picture! Source:

I love the emotion in the picture! Source:

Marvelous is… Alex’s Lia Sophia party on Saturday night! Alex hosted the party at her mom’s house in Tolland, CT so I drove myself and a few of my girlfriends up there (about a 30 min drive). I knew it would be so much fun since Alex throws the BEST parties and I love spending time with her mom. Our Lia Sophia advisor Denise is becoming a great friend to us since we have had SO many parties (and more to come!). I ordered two pairs of earrings and a necklace that I have had my eye on for a while now. The food was out of this world and I definitely ate way too much. I brought Tastefully Simple’s Garlic Garlic dip and others brought appetizers like Beer Dip, Skinny Taco Dip, cheese pinwheels, and so much other stuff that I can’t even remember! It was a great night and so much fun to spend time with my ladies.

Jasmine necklace.. so pretty!

Jasmine necklace.. so pretty!


Marvelous is… spending some quality time with Dan during the day on Saturday. We both woke up pretty early and decided to get in a quick Saturday morning workout. We actually went to his gym and he added me to his membership (2 people for $10/month!) so now I belong to my gym (Cardio Express) as well as his gym. His gym is right around the corner from us and that will hopefully help to motivate me to go in the morning before work. I love my gym but its farther away and I can’t always get there when I want. After the gym we had plans to finally go see the movie Divergent. This movie was much better than I expected and it followed the book completely. Dan enjoyed it as well and it was just really good to get some time together out and about since he is starting a class for the fire department this week so that means a lot less time together for the next couple of months.

Oh ya know, just a normal Friday night selfie... weirdos!

Oh ya know, just a normal Friday night selfie… weirdos!

Well that’s all for this Monday. I hope everyone has a great week!


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