Easter Weekend Recap

22 Apr

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope every who celebrates had a wonderful Passover and/or Easter weekend! This post is going to be short and sweet since I am very pressed for time.

Marvelous is… taking Saturday off of work to go to Rhode Island for Dan’s stepfather’s family’s Passover celebration. I always enjoy visiting with his family and heading out to Rhode Island, especially on a beautiful day like Saturday! It was warm and sunny and we were able to sit outside and enjoy some appetizers and wine before the Seder. The food that was prepared was beef brisket, matzo ball soup, and some amazing spinach and carrot casserole. We couldn’t hang out too long after dinner because we had to head back home for a party.

It was literally a perfect day

It was literally a perfect day

Matzo Ball soup.. Yum!

Matzo Ball soup.. Yum!

Marvelous is… our friend Brian’s surprise 30th birthday party. Although we didn’t make it home in time for the surprise, we certainly didn’t miss any of the fun! It was held at a duckpin bowling alley where Brian bowls in a league every Thursday night. There was also laser tag which several of our friends enjoy playing while others bowled for a couple of hours. The night was so much fun and it’s always great to be able to spend time with our close friends 🙂

Marvelous is… the busiest (but still very fun) Easter Sunday we have ever had. We counted at the end of the night and including the several stops made at home in between, we made about 16 stops throughout the day. We saw pretty much all of both of our families and even some of our friends too at the end of the night. There were a lot of meals eaten including Chinese food with Dan’s parents who didn’t want to cook after spending all day Saturday in Rhode Island. It was a great holiday and although I feel like I’m going to be catching up on sleep until then, I can’t wait for the next family holiday!

The first of many plates at many places

The first of many plates at many places

The crazy Davis family :)

The crazy Davis family 🙂

Have a great week!

Have you ever been to a surprise party? Was the person actually surprised?

Did you have a lot of Easter plans or did you just keep it low key?


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