Five Things Friday: Busy Busy Busy

6 Jun

Happy Friday! I am super excited that my new routine has allowed me time to actually post twice this week. I am aiming for three posts next week so keep an eye out! I figured I would share five random Friday thoughts with you guys 🙂

1. I am loving the morning workouts way more than I thought I would.

I know I talked about this on Wednesday but with two more days of morning workouts under my belt, I’m convinced that this is the perfect workout plan for me. I am not as tired as I thought I would be and it actually gives me more energy throughout the day. It also helps to ensure that I’m at least somewhat tired when Dan wants to go to bed since our schedules are SO different. My workouts have included some form of cardio, either the elliptical, treadmill, or Stairmaster and then some weightlifting. It feels so good to be done with my workout first thing and I’m very proud of myself for finally starting to do this.

Proud of myself for this!

Proud of myself for this!

2. The wedding planning has officially begun!

This past weekend Dan and I “proposed” to our groomsmen and bridesmaids. I took my girls to Priam Vineyard in Colchester, CT and used custom wine labels to ask them (which you will see in the picture below). Dan had his guys over for beer and pizza and he asked them by “icing” them which involves being presented with a Smirnoff Ice and having to get down on one knee and chug it. You will see how that worked below also. My ladies day was so much fun and they were all SO surprised with how I asked. Only two of them had no idea I was asking at all so it was definitely worth seeing the pure surprise and excitement on their faces. We could not ask for better people to stand by us on our special day and I am SO excited for it to finally be here!  The next step is to get our engagement photos done and I will definitely keep you guys posted on how that goes.

Found these on Etsy! Super cute!

Found these on Etsy! Super cute!

This was so perfect for Dan and his guys :)

This was so perfect for Dan and his guys 🙂

Melissa, Jenna, Sam, Me, Alex, Natasha, Carlee

Melissa, Jenna, Sam, Me, Alex, Natasha, Carlee

3. I have all kinds of fabulous plans coming up for this weekend!

Tonight will be fun because Dan and I have a date night planned at a new-to-us restaurant and after we will head to the Diamond (as usual) to spend time with our friends. Tomorrow is going to be awesome because I have a bridal shower and then Dan’s cousin’s graduation party is after that at his Aunt’s new lake house which I’m sure is fabulous. I love going to ALL the summer parties. We are not sure of our plans for tomorrow night which is just fine with me since I like having some spontaneity in my weekends. Sunday is also pretty much completely open but I’m hoping to get in an outdoor workout with Dan like a hike or a long walk so we can take advantage of the nice weather. Sunday night we have dinner plans with our friends Jon and Erica who we haven’t even seen since our Super Bowl party so it’s going to be great to see them!

4. I am super excited to try out a new-to-us restaurant tonight.

It has been a long while since Dan and I were able to try a new restaurant and tonight we are going to The Republic in Bloomfield, CT. I have heard great things about this place and after perusing their menu online, I discovered that not only do they have a cheese plate but they also have the option to add a soft boiled egg to their salads. I love ALL the cheese and runny eggs so this completely sold me on The Republic. We also haven’t had a date night in a while since we have been so busy so I’m really happy to get some quality time with my man J. I will definitely have a post for you guys next week about my experience there.

Maybe something like this amazing salad from Bricco will happen tonight!

Maybe something like this amazing salad from Bricco will happen tonight!

5. I really really need to get my highlights done and a salon pedicure.

It has been forever since I’ve had my highlights done and almost as long since I have had a salon pedicure. I have all of the stuff at home for pedicures and I do them myself all the time but there is something about sitting in that comfy massage chair and soaking my feet in the warm water that I can’t replicate at home. I am going to try my very best to treat myself to one this weekend. I always have trouble justifying spending the money on myself but after a kickass sales month at work in May, I think this will be my reward to myself. As far as the highlights go, I will probably have Alex do them since she has a few times in the past and they always look great (plus spending only $10 for them doesn’t hurt either).  I think it’s extremely important to always remember to take time out to take care of yourself, especially when life gets as crazy busy as mine has been lately.

Have an amazing weekend!!!!


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