Pond House Grille: Birthday Celebrations Part 1

3 Jul

Happy “Friday” everyone! I’m sure everyone is very excited (as am I) for the long 4th of July weekend. It couldn’t be any more perfect that the holiday falls on a Friday. Yesterday was actually my “Friday” since I took today off because today is MY BIRTHDAY! Alright, it’s not really thaaat exciting but I’m 25 now and it’s my last big milestone birthday for a while so I’m going to fully enjoy it. I left work a little early last night so that Dan and I could go to happy hour since I am never able to go due to my work hours and it also seemed like an excellent way to kick off my birthday celebrations. I chose Pond House Grille in Glastonbury because they have a great happy hour special of “Buy 1 appetizer, get 1 for a penny“. I had decided before we went that we would split four different appetizers.

We started with drinks and I chose the happy hour Pinot Noir and I have no idea who makes this wine but it was delicious! Usually happy hour wines are not as tasty as a more expensive wine but this was wonderful.

Water is never too far away :)

Water is never too far away ūüôā

The first appetizer (and my favorite) were the bacon wrapped scallops which were coated with a maple glaze. I could have eaten a million of these! The maple glaze really just made them out of this world and I will definitely be ordering these again.

I want these right now. In massive amounts.

I want these right now. In massive amounts.

The next dish was the mini crab cakes. These were so mini and presented very well. They were probably my least favorite only due to the fact that I like crab cakes with more crab meat and less fried breading. I know that with the size of these it was really hard to capture the true essence of a crab cake. They were delicious and the tandoori aioli that each one was sitting in was very tasty.

The cutest little crab cakes ever.

The cutest little crab cakes ever.

My second favorite dish¬†had to be the potato croquettes.¬†It was actually Dan’s idea to order these¬†which completely surprised me since he usually¬†doesn’t¬†suggest items that he hasn’t had before. I am SO glad he did though because these were little fried balls of potato perfection. They were served with a smoked Gouda fondue and I wish I had more¬†things to dip in there because that fondue¬†was amazing and I would have eaten it with a spoon if that was at all appropriate.

I want to dip ALL the things into that fondue.

I want to dip ALL the things into that fondue.

Dan’s favorite appetizer was the chicken quesadilla and I¬†was not¬†surprised at all. We had tried this once before when we were at Pond House for dinner with Alex. He loved how flavorful the quesadilla was and the fact that it wasn’t just a normal quesadilla with only chicken and cheese but it included roasted red peppers and caramelized onions which really helped to enhance the flavor. The guacamole is so delicious that I wish I could have eaten that with a spoon as well. All of the other dishes were also smaller in size and this was really the thing that turned the appetizers into dinner so that we were satisfied for the rest of the night.

These were filled with greatness.

These were filled with greatness.

I had been eyeing some infusions that I had seen sitting on the bar and I had to ask the bartender about them. On a side note, our bartender Mike was so helpful and answered all of my ridiculous questions about different drinks. He also gave us a sample of the Onyx moonshine infused with vanilla and pineapple. I absolutely loved this pairing and I immediate told Dan that we should split a glass of that as our “dessert” since it was definitely sweet enough to be counted as dessert. Mike then gave us a great tip in that if you want to drink just one type of alcohol with nothing mixed in, it is better to order it as a martini versus on the rocks because the martini serving is 3 oz and¬†on the rocks would only be 2 oz and they would both be the same price. This infusion was sweet and reminded me of being in the Caribbean on our cruise. I can’t wait to try more Onyx infusions that different restaurants have to offer.

My first Onyx experience with many more to come.

My first Onyx experience with many more to come.

Overall, this was a great start to my birthday weekend and the food and drinks were amazing and the service was superb.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!


One Response to “Pond House Grille: Birthday Celebrations Part 1”

  1. Caitlin July 3, 2014 at 11:01 am #

    So happy to hear of your first Onyx experience – I love that stuff! That drink is wayyy sweet (I’ve had it before) and have definitely just had the infused Onyx straight.on the rocks at Pond House and that turns it into a not-to-sweet dinner cocktail. My fave cocktail to have as a dessert at Pond House is their Almond Joy Martini. I don’t know if it’s on the menu anymore but it’s life-changing. I’ve had those potato croquettes before – so good! Glad you enjoyed one of my fave spots! The happy hour is amazing.

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