Trade It Up Tuesday!: Weekend Recap

8 Jul

I apologize for not posting yesterday but after one of the busiest weekends ever, I just couldn’t find the time to post. Plus I figured that I have never done a “Trade It Up Tuesday” post before so I felt that recapping the weekend with one of those would be perfect.

I would not trade… the amazing birthday party that I had on Thursday night! It was truly so wonderful to be surrounded by ALL of my friends and Dan’s parents (and my Dad even made an appearance!). The night was full of great food and laughs and silly drunken antics (of course). Dan’s parents were so generous to let me have the party there and they even provided the burgers and hot dogs also. I got so many great gifts including many many bottles of wine (YAY!). I wish I could relive that night again and then I am reminded that our wedding is my chance to do that and I am SO excited for that!

I LOVE ice cream cake

I LOVE ice cream cake

I would trade… not getting in any workouts since Wednesday. To be completely honest, I kind of knew in the back of my head that I wouldn’t have time to work out. I also found that I didn’t really want to work out either. I really wanted to make the most of the extra time I had to spend with Dan and our friends. However, I still am kind of disappointed in myself that I didn’t put forth more of an effort to get some exercise. The only thing I can really say is that next time I have a long weekend, I plan on trying a little bit harder to squeeze in some exercise, even if it doesn’t involve going to the gym.

I would not trade… all of the yummy food I enjoyed this weekend! In addition to all of the yumminess at my party, we also enjoyed a 4th of July lunch at Red Robin (birthday burger!), dinner at Chowder Pot (lobster time!), and a Sunday dinner at Vito’s after the beach. I’m going to refrain from elaborating on our less than stellar experience at Windjammer’s in Rhode Island on Sunday because the service was really poor and the portions were very small for the prices we paid. It was honestly my dream come true weekend food-wise as I don’t think I have ever enjoyed that many favorite foods at once.

Royal Red Robin burger.. everything is better with an egg on it

Royal Red Robin burger.. everything is better with an egg on it

My first baked stuffed lobster.. even more amazing than steamed!

My first baked stuffed lobster.. even more amazing than steamed!

I would not trade… a fantastic Saturday cookout at Dan’s uncle’s house in Massachusetts. The house was gorgeous and it was a perfect day to spend outside. I loved bonding with my future family and there were many Cosmo’s (and then laughs) enjoyed. After the cookout we picked up Alex and headed to the Harrington’s house for a cookout which was so nice 🙂 We ended the night with the Manchester fireworks which were awesome just as they are every year.

Can I go back right now?

Can I go back right now?

My favorite fireworks

My favorite fireworks

I would not trade… a fabulous beach day on Sunday with Dan, Alex, Kevin, Robbie, and Melissa. It was a beautiful day and I’m so glad Melissa was able to meet up with us for some sun and lunch. We also ran into our friends Kaitlin and Quentin and we all took a nap in the sun right outside of their beach house after lunch. All in all, it was the perfect end to one of the best weekends I have ever had. I am so lucky to have such great people in my life who make every single day seem better than the last.

Dan, Robbie, and Kevy :)

Dan, Robbie, and Kevy 🙂


One Response to “Trade It Up Tuesday!: Weekend Recap”

  1. Caitlin July 8, 2014 at 5:40 pm #

    I’m so glad you had a good birthday and you know those long weekends sometimes happen, but you will bounce right back with your workouts and feel stronger than ever too! I’m loving that you went to Red Robin because that’s my go to spot for a bday burger. I thought of you in Newport because I added egg to a kale salad I had for lunch one day and the bartender was like “Oh great idea!” and I was like “Yeah buddy, spreadin the good word.”

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