WIAW: The Actual What I Ate Wednesday

23 Jul

I figured that I would post a real WIAW post reviewing what I ate for each of my meals on Tuesday since I have never actually done a whole day’s worth of eats before. Also, it happened to be my Tuesday off so I had the time to make some very yummy meals for myself.


Some of that truffle ketchup went on my eggs too... sooo good!

Some of that truffle ketchup went on my eggs too… sooo good!

I have been craving eggs like crazy lately and we had three eggs left to use up before they went bad so I decided to make myself an omelet. This omelet was stuffed and included a few cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, a handful of spinach, and about half a tablespoon of wasabi chive goat cheese. It was so delicious and it was definitely the wasabi chive goat cheese from the farmer’s market that brought the omelet from good to amazing. I cannot get enough of that stuff!


Yes all of yesterday's meals were eaten on Styrofoam plates because it was way too hot to do dishes

Yes all of yesterday’s meals were eaten on Styrofoam plates because it was way too hot to do dishes

I ate a very late breakfast (11:00am) after my workout so I figured it would be more of a brunch that would hold me over until close to dinner but by 12:30 I was starving again. I had purchased some pre-made chicken salad from Whole Foods the night before so I decided to use the rest of that for a sandwich. I used the Arnold’s whole wheat sandwich thins along with a slice of American cheese, spinach, a few sliced dill pickles, and the chicken salad. This was also very yummy and provided me with the fuel that my body was craving after a tough morning workout. The pickles were the wild card on this one since I usually forget to put them on but they gave the sandwich a tangy flavor that really made it different.


My favorite ever.

My favorite ever.

I had planned that Dan would grill us some cheeseburgers since we had some frozen burgers that needed to be cooked. Cheeseburgers are honestly one of my favorite meals and I would eat them multiple times a week if they were even a little bit more nutritionally friendly. Again, we used the Arnold’s sandwich thins along with American cheese, spinach, a tomato from the farmer’s market (YUM), avocado slices, and I put some Dijon mustard and truffle aioli on mine as well. We also sautéed some fresh zucchini and squash from the farmer’s market as well. These burgers were AMAZING and definitely filled my craving. I cannot tell you enough how much I am obsessed with Stonewall Kitchen’s truffle aioli. I know that it is not at all healthy (it’s basically truffle mayo) but I definitely use it in moderation as much as possible if that makes any sense. The good thing is that it has such a strong flavor that it only takes a very small amount to get that truffle flavor. It was a wonderful meal and I’m lucky that my fiancée is so good at grilling!


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