Marvelous Monday: Excitement!

6 Oct

Oh well, Monday is here again! But at least I have a few marvelous things to tell you about this past weekend. It was short but sweet since it was a “working Saturday” but I was able to fit in more fun stuff during what was left of the weekend than I normally do.

Link it up!

Link it up!

Marvelous is… trying two new-to-me restaurants this weekend! I have been craving pizza forever so on Friday night we used a gift certificate for Lena’s First and Last Pizzeria in Hartford. We decided on the margherita pizza (with bacon added of course) which was very basic but it was SO delicious. I enjoyed how simple the pizza was because it made it easier to enjoy the freshness of the ingredients such as the huge slices of tomato. The pizza also lasted us for two nights of dinners so that was perfect also.

so much garlic goodness

so much garlic goodness

The other restaurant I was finally able to try was Market Grille in Manchester! A few of the girls and myself stopped in for lunch after some wedding dress browsing on Sunday afternoon. I had been menu-stalking the place for months so I had my heart set on the “everything but the kitchen sink” chopped salad which definitely hit the spot. I’m admittedly often too lazy to throw together a salad with that many amazing components so I’m always happy to order one when I’m out to eat. We also split the dark chocolate tiramisu and the chocolate chip cookies for dessert which were obviously yummy too.

This salad had everything in it!

This salad had everything in it!

Eating the salad justified these heavenly desserts

Eating the salad justified these heavenly desserts

Marvelous is… spending Saturday night hanging out at our apartment with Robbie, Jenna and Alex. I got out of work and was in need of a night of relaxation and that is exactly what I got 🙂 We watched part of the movie Clueless (no shame – I love that movie) and played a few rounds of Scene-It on the Xbox 360. It was a great night of doing basically nothing with some of my favorite people.

This movie makes me laugh every single time Source: Google images

This movie makes me laugh every single time
Source: Google images

Marvelous is… how freaking excited I am starting to get about our wedding! I have obviously been excited this whole time but now that it is almost exactly a year away, I can’t stop thinking about planning and all of the fun stuff that will be coming up. Sunday afternoon was spent with a couple of my girls browsing wedding dresses to basically figure out the styles that I like so that I’m not completely stressed when I do my big official outing with my family and my girls. It was very successful and the rest of the afternoon/evening was spent excitedly discussing other little details about the big day. I can’t wait!

I'm not really like this I promise

I’m not really like this I promise

That is all for this Monday and I hope that everyone has a wonderful start to the week!


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