Weekend Recap: Getting It All Done

16 Dec

Happy Tuesday guys! I can’t believe that Christmas is only 9 short days away! The title of this post is in direct relation to that and to the fact that there is SO much that I need/want to get done and very little time to do it. Although I worked this weekend I was able to fit in quite a bit of fun.

Friday night:

We still had some Christmas shopping to complete so we headed up to the mall to get most of that done. It was a mob scene and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. We ended our evening by driving over to Felt Road in South Windsor to view an amazing light display that we have been going to for years now. It is one of my very favorite holiday traditions.

Friday Night Lights!

Friday Night Lights!

Saturday evening:

As soon as I had gotten out of work on Saturday, I planned on getting a yummy dinner at Bertucci’s since I have been craving their wonderful bread and salad for a long time. I will leave you guys in suspense about that trip since I will be doing a full post on it tomorrow but I will say it was so nice to have dinner with Dan and just relax before we dove right back into the craziness that is Christmas shopping. After dinner, we did some more shopping and ended the night with some wine and TV on the couch.

I will definitely say that a glass of wine was much needed

I will definitely say that a glass of wine was much needed


This was one of the busiest days that I can ever remember but I’m glad we accomplished everything that we did. We went with my Dad to get my parents Christmas tree which didn’t take as long as it usually does because we spotted the perfect tree right away (YAY). We dropped the tree off and headed home to get some cleaning done before Dan’s parents arrived. Once they arrived, we headed over to Arrigoni winery in Portland which is a spot that I have definitely mentioned a few times before. We enjoyed some snacks and wine and did the last of our Christmas shopping too! We ended our Sunday Funday with a trip to Vito’s in Wethersfield which is where our friend Natasha works for a delicious dinner. I did not take any pictures of the lasagna that we had because I was still feeling the effects of the wine 😉 But it was a perfect end to a hectic but fun day.

Some much needed fuel to start off our Sunday!

Some much needed fuel to start off our Sunday!

I wish every Sunday could be like this!

I wish every Sunday could be like this!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and enjoying this festive time of year!


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