Marvelous Monday: Wedding Planning

12 Jan

Is it really Monday already? Again? I can’t say I’m happy about that but this weekend was very productive overall so I’m grateful for that. The entirety of the weekend certainly revolved around a lot of wedding stuff and it is crazy to think that the wedding is in less than nine months! Alrighty, lets get on to ALL of the marvelous.

Link it up!

Link it up!

Marvelous is… having our wedding food tasting on Saturday and starting our wedding registry yesterday. I didn’t take any pictures at the tasting (I was a tad bit overwhelmed) but the food was AMAZING and it just cements the fact that I believe we chose the perfect venue for us. We had a great afternoon with Dan’s parents and my parents and a lot of the little details are starting to come together. We started our registry on Sunday at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it was SO much fun to be able to walk around with the scanner and pick out all kinds of awesome things that we will definitely need.

AMEN to that

AMEN to that

Marvelous is… spending Saturday evening at a surprise 50th birthday party for Alex’s mom. We were so happy to be able to celebrate as I feel like Alex’s mom Heidi is like a second mom to me. She is so much fun and I know she had a great time at her party.



Heidi had a little cameo appearance with the band :)

Heidi had a little cameo appearance with the band 🙂

Marvelous is… a fabulously relaxing Sunday evening at home enjoying homemade pizza and watching the Golden Globes. Last Tuesday, we made a trip over to Trader Joe’s and I purchased some of their garlic and herb pizza dough as well as their pizza sauce. We topped the pizza with oodles of cheese and some turkey pepperoni. The dough had so much flavor and it was such an easy and tasty meal, perfect for a Sunday dinner. We both love to watch award shows so this time of year makes an easy excuse to do absolutely nothing on Sunday nights. I thought the Golden Globes were excellent this year and there were certainly a lot of laughs.

A life without pizza isn't real life.

A life without pizza isn’t real life.

I am completely obsessed with these two. John and Common's speech was my favorite of the night.

I am completely obsessed with these two. John and Common’s speech was my favorite of the night.

This post was short but those were the main highlights of the weekend. I’m hoping this week flies by and I hope you guys have a great week!


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