WIAW: A Day in the Eats

4 Mar

Happy hump day! I’m super happy that it’s Wednesday because it’s practically my Friday. I have jury duty tomorrow which I’m actually excited about (I’m weird) and then I have Friday off. I figured I would share yesterday’s meals with you guys so you can see what I’ve been eating lately.

I eat the same breakfast every single day and surprisingly I’m not bored yet. It’s always a Yoplait Greek yogurt with whatever flavor of Pure Love granola that I have open that particular week. Yesterday it was a vanilla yogurt with gingerbread granola which was a very tasty combo that I will definitely be eating again.

wiaw breakfast

In my transition over to my new job I also had to change the timing of my snacks and lunch. I usually bring the same snacks each day which include a bag of baby carrots and sliced cucumbers, a bag with one serving of Goldfish, and a banana. I ate these yesterday at around 11:00 but I was still starving for lunch by 12:30.

wiaw snacks

My lunches do tend to vary although the past two weeks I have stuck with sauteed chicken breast, black beans, and brown rice. It really fills me up and since I buy the rice that has some spices in it, I don’t find it to be flavorless or boring as rice usually is.

wiaw lunch

Last night’s dinner was a little out of the norm since we ended up going to Giovanni’s very last minute with our friend Sarah before she and Dan went to a fire department meeting. I had the most delicious honey BBQ chicken salad which I will definitely be ordering again.

Obviously ranch dressing on the side :)

Obviously ranch dressing on the side ๐Ÿ™‚

After that insanely huge salad, I didn’t anticipate that I would be able to work out on such a full stomach. But I went home and let my stomach settle for a bit and got right to it! I did about 30 minutes of Jillian Michael’s Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and didn’t even get a cramp until the tail end which is when I knew that it was time to stop ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m proud of myself for getting my exercise in even though I had a big dinner.

Not too shabby

Not too shabby

Alrighty, time to get to work and get this day over with so I can be that much closer to my long weekend!


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