Fashion Friday: Stitch Fix #1

6 Mar

Happy Friday guys! As I had mentioned the other day, I took today off of work, a much needed day to catch up on errands and relax. After I write this post, I will actually be heading over to a Bikram yoga class which I am a little nervous about since I haven’t been for over a year and a half but it should be very good. I have been extremely excited to write today’s post since I believe it’s my first ever “Fashion Friday” post and since it’s also about my first Stitch Fix delivery!

I came home on Wednesday night to this beautiful box sitting on my kitchen table! Although I was literally home for ten minutes before rushing out the door to other plans, I had to open it and see what I got. I had Dan take pics of me when I got home in each of the items.

I loveee getting packages in the mail!

I loveee getting packages in the mail!

Item # 1: Fun2Fun Myrtle V-Neck Blouse

Ironically I’m starting off with my favorite item overall but this is the order in which I tried them on. I absolutely love this shirt and will definitely be keeping it. I think it’s very flattering and comfy and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up to be able to wear it.

Item # 2:  BRIXON IVY Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse

This is most definitely my second favorite item. When I was just looking at the items, I thought it would be my overall favorite but I just loved the floral top above even more. The only thing that made me hesitant about this top is that it makes me look a little top heavy but I think it may have just been the cami I was wearing underneath it. I am keeping this shirt as well.

Item # 3: THML Colinda Sheer V-Neck Sweater

stitchfix1 black sweater

Now the reasoning behind my stylist providing this particular item was because I told her that I have been doing really well lately with working out and eating healthy and that I have been seeing results so she said this sweater would show those results off. When I took it out of the box, I didn’t think it would be anything special but I really love the way it fits and the sheer V-neck makes it a perfect going out shirt. The only issue is that I did buy a lot of sweaters this winter and I am really looking for things for spring and summer so I will not be keeping this sweater.

Item # 4: Level 99 Patrick Cropped Chino Pants

stitchfix1 pants

I really loved the way that these pants fit and the fact that they are NOT jeans is a huge plus. I honestly didn’t have much faith that my stylist would be able to find pants that would fit me based on my petite stature but she was totally spot on. These pants would look great in the spring and would encourage me to buy shoes other than flip flops. However, they are $108 and I could probably go shopping elsewhere and find at least two pairs for that amount of money so I will not be keeping them even though I really did love the way that they fit.

Item # 5: Octavia Kelli Half Lace Infinity Scarf

stitchfix1 scarf

I have a love-hate relationship with scarves since I always forget to wear them. This one is super cute and very light for springtime. I love the contrast between the mint linen and the lace fabric. That being said, I already have a ton of scarves that I barely ever wear so I will not be keeping this item for that reason.

So my overall verdict on Stitch Fix is that I absolutely loved it. It gave me something cool to look forward to and it was fun trying on all of the clothes. The clothes were a little expensive but I expected that based on other reviews. I am currently signed up for a delivery every other month and I think I will be sticking with that because I can’t justify spending that much money every month. For my first Fix, I think two of out of the five items being winners is definitely a success. With my $20 styling fee applied, I will be spending $98 total on the two shirts which is a lot but they are high quality and they fit perfectly. I hope you guys have enjoyed this review and I will be looking forward to sharing the next one I get!


3 Responses to “Fashion Friday: Stitch Fix #1”

  1. Aly March 6, 2015 at 4:48 pm #

    How much was the scarf? Considering requesting it in my next fix!

    • shawnanicoled March 6, 2015 at 4:49 pm #

      It was $28!

      • Aly March 6, 2015 at 4:58 pm #

        Awesome! Thanks for the fast response! I always love to request a scarf because I am a scarf addict and I know that I will most likely keep it and get my styling fee back! I love the look of the lace, and mint is currently my favorite favorite!

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