The Smashed Grape: Wine Seminar # 3

14 Aug

Happy Friday! I am thoroughly enjoying my day off and I just finished a pretty tough workout including a mile long walk and part of a Jillian Michaels video. After I finish this post, I plan on taking a quick dip in the pool before running some errands.

This past Wednesday evening, Dan and I attended the third wine seminar held at Spicy Green Bean and hosted by The Smashed Grape. As usual it was such a fun and informative evening and it was a nice little date night for us. We love supporting local businesses, especially ones with such great owners!

We loved having a reserved table!

We loved having a reserved table!

This particular seminar was presented by Cat Schaller of Slocum & Sons, which is an importer and purveyor of fine wine & spirits out of North Haven, CT. Cat provided an excellent presentation and I think Dan and I both learned quite a bit.

Although it was a wine seminar, they decided to start it off with a cocktail (I was not complaining!). We sampled an organic cucumber mojito made with Prairie vodka which is actually the number one organic vodka on the market. It was refreshing and not too sweet, a perfect start to the tasting!

These went down way too easily!

These went down way too easily!

Wine # 1: 2014 Terres de Saint-Louis

This wine was a French rose which I found to be pretty dry, which is typical of a European rose. It was very light and would be easy to drink on a hot summer day.

Wine # 2: 2014 Acadia Unoaked Chardonnay

Now I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of chardonnay as it is usually too dry for my tastes and I am not a fan of the aftertaste. However, this one was not too bad! I think the difference is that this wine is not aged in oak which gives it a different flavor than most other chardonnays. I can honestly say that I would order a glass of this wine, although I wouldn’t be able to drink much more than that.

Wine # 3: 2014 Giesen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

This wine was from New Zealand and was made by three German brothers. It had flavors of passionfruit, kiwi, and grapefruit. I really enjoyed this wine and I think it would pair well with fish or chicken as it is very light and crisp.

Wine # 4: 2013 Rioja Muga Blanco

I think that this wine was definitely my second favorite overall because the flavor was so unique. The grape was a viura grape which I don’t believe I have ever had before and it was wonderful. It comes from a famous winery in the Rioja region of Spain. It was delicate, light and very different from any other wine I have tried. It would pair wonderfully with fish and I definitely recommend it!

Wine # 5: 2014 Amalaya Malbec

I saved the best for last! This was the only red wine we tasted and it was my favorite. I haven’t had red wine in a while since I don’t usually drink it in the summer so I was excited for this one. It was a blend with 85% Malbec, 10% Cab, and 5% Syrah grapes. It pairs well with everything and it was the perfect balance of dry vs. sweet. We purchased a bottle of this wine after the tasting (only $9.99!) and I enjoyed a couple of glasses last night.

The Food:

Spicy Green Bean outdid themselves this time with the variety of food which was provided. There were Portuguese codfish cakes, an abundance of cheese, marinated steak tips, breaded chicken, caprese salad and so many other things that I can’t even remember. The food was all so delicious and we are planning on dining there in the very near future.

Their presentation was truly remarkable!

Their presentation was truly remarkable!

I most definitely went back for seconds!

I most definitely went back for seconds!

It was a wonderful evening and I can’t speak highly enough of both Spicy Green Bean and The Smashed Grape. They are true, local, family-owned businesses and we are so happy to be able to support them!


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