A Taste of A’Vert Brasserie

20 Nov

Happy Friday once again! It seems like the weeks are just flying by and I cannot believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away! I am thoroughly enjoying the start of all of the holiday festivities. This past Monday evening, Dan and I attended a fabulous blogger event at A’Vert Brasserie in West Hartford. It was hosted by the lovely Kat and Head Chef, David Borselle. We sampled a large variety of menu items as well as cocktails and wine and it was just a nice, relaxing evening with great people!

avert chef 2

He was such a nice guy and his food was incredible!

The selection of cheeses and accompaniments which kicked off the evening were right up my alley, as cheese is pretty much my spirit animal.

Avert Cheese plate

These Petite Duck Confit sandwiches with spicy aioli were one of my favorites and I couldn’t get over how well that spicy aioli complemented the flavor of the duck.

Avert duck sandwich

We also had Seared Foie Gras on top of diced green apple, croutons, and aged-balsamic vinegar. This was my first experience with Foie Gras and I really enjoyed it as it had a very unique flavor.

Avert Foie Gras

The toasted baguette topped with baked goat cheese, tomato and basil was wonderful and I will definitely be attempting to recreate this dish at home!

Avert goat cheese

Dan’s favorite of the evening was definitely the Beef Short-Rib sandwich which was dressed with cheddar cheese and pickled vegetables. I would agree that this sandwich had such a variety of flavors from the hearty meat to the tang of the pickled vegetables.

avert beef sandwich

My favorite overall dessert were the macaroons, made in-house by their pastry chef. I would love to try more flavors of these as I have only had macaroons a few times.

avert macaroons

The staff was so kind and welcoming and we were able to take a little peek into the kitchen to see the inner workings.

Avert kitchen

The entire event was excellent and we cannot wait to return to A’Vert to try more wines and many more dishes off of their extensive happy hour menu. I highly recommend you visit this wonderful restaurant as you will not be disappointed!


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