Review: Bruleries Faro Roasting Houses Coffee

8 Feb

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you have an even better week ahead! Today I’m sharing a new-to-me brand of coffee that I’m really enjoying. Back in December, I was approached by Javafly and asked if I would like to try some coffee from Bruleries Faro. They sent me two different flavors, Breakfast Blend and Moka Java, in K-cup form. Since I’m a huge coffee lover, I was more than happy to participate in this project.

faro coffee box

Both coffees are made from 100% Arabica beans and without any preservatives or artificial flavoring, which is something that I appreciate.

Breakfast Blend:

I found that this flavor was definitely the lighter of the two and would be great for an early morning when I didn’t want anything dark or heavy. It is very easy to drink and I think it would pair well with any light breakfast foods, such as eggs and toast.

faro breakfast blend

Moka Java:

This flavor was my favorite out of the two as it was still very mellow but it was darker and had a little bit more of a unique flavor. I drink my coffee black because i really enjoy the flavor so the fact that this one had a little bit more of a punch to it was appealing to me. I think that the Moka Java would also pair well with all kinds of breakfast foods and would stand up well against any foods with a lot of flavor.

faro moka java

Overall, I really enjoyed both flavors and can see myself drinking them on different occasions. I’m not picky with my coffee at all but it’s nice to have found a brand which consistently provides great flavors.

faro coffee in cup

The coffee in this post was provided by Javafly. All opinions of the tasting are my own. 


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