Fashion Friday: Stitch Fix # 5

12 Feb

HAPPY FRIDAY! Sorry, I’m just a little bit excited about it. I’m currently at Daybreak Coffee Roasters sipping on some amazing Hazelnut french press coffee while I write as I took today off of work to have a “me” day which is something I think we all need from time to time. I really need to come here and blog more often! I finally caved and ordered another Stitch Fix and I think this is honestly the best one yet!

Here is an explanation in case you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before: Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. You pay a $20 styling fee up front and then you fill out an extensive styling profile which is sent over to a stylist who picks out five items (clothing, jewelry, scarves, accessories) which fit the personalized profile you have filled out. The items are sent to you and you try them on, with three days to decide on what you want. If you decide to keep anything, the $20 styling fee goes toward your purchase. If you purchase all five items, then you receive 25% off your entire order!

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 1

Item # 1: RD Style Keira 3/4 Sleeve Split Back Knit Top ($48)

As soon as I saw this one, I knew my stylist, Alison was totally in tune with exactly what I was looking for. I requested a top with a “party in the back” style and this one definitely delivered. I love the flowy fit which pairs well with the sexy back and navy is one of my favorite colors to wear.

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 2

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 3 correct

Verdict: Kept. I mean, how could I not keep it? It is exactly what I asked for and I know I will wear it a lot, whether by itself or with a brightly colored tank top underneath.

Item # 2: Skies are Blue Dorian Embroidery Detail Blouse ($58)

I was a little bit hesitant when I saw this one because although it is flowy which is what I love, it’s a little bit out the box for me, style-wise. Dan thought the same thing but once I tried it on, he actually loved the fit and I really liked the way it photographed.

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 7

Verdict: Undecided. I have to really think about this one because I like the way it looks in the picture but I have to decide if I will really wear it that often. What do you guys think?

Item # 3: BRIXON IVY Pinson Drape Cardigan ($54)

This cardigan is one that I actually pinned to my Pinterest board and Alison mentioned that in her note to me! I am absolutely obsessed with this one and I love the pretty ruffles. It is so romantic and delicate and I want to wear it every single day of my life.

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 4

Verdict: Kept. This one was a keeper before I even tried it on. It is literally everything that I love in a top.

Item # 4: Just Black Dean Skinny Jean ($78)

I did request some colored jeans in my note to Alison and she delivered on that. With that being said, I’m having a tough time determining what I would wear with these for a top and they are ankle length (with a zipper on the bottoms) and petite which is something I have never worn before. I may just try to venture out today and find some colored jeans at a cheaper price with a little more length.

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 5 correct

Verdict: Undecided. This is another one that I’m going to have to ponder. If I end up buying everything else, it may be more cost effective to just get these too so we shall see.

Item # 5: Daniel Rainn Poppins Crochet Trim Blouse ($64)

I feel like Alison just totally understood me with this fix. Polka dots are one of my favorite prints to wear and I adore this top. I asked for some pieces that would transition into Spring and this is totally on point. I can wear it now with a cardigan over it and then by itself when the weather warms up (it’s currently 8 degrees so not sure when that is happening exactly).

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 6

Verdict: Kept. I love the detail on the shoulders as well as the polka dots and it really looks great so it’s a keeper. The price point is high but I have such a hard time finding nicer tops to wear to work and out on the weekends.

As you guys can tell, I’m in a big dilemma with this fix (#firstworldproblems). I don’t hate any of the items and there are a couple that I absolutely love. I don’t feel bad spending money on higher quality items because I know they will last me a long time. I’m definitely going to have to think over if I want to keep the pants and the purple top based on how often I will wear them. Please let me know what you guys think as opinions from an outside perspective are always helpful!

Which items do you think I should keep?
Which one is your favorite?


One Response to “Fashion Friday: Stitch Fix # 5”

  1. Anne February 12, 2016 at 11:36 am #

    Cardigan is definitely a keeper! Polka dot top would look great under cardigan.
    As for pants…not a fan of zippers.. Maybe wear them with ballet flats??

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