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Wordless Wednesday: BIG News!

16 Mar

The title of this post is basically incorrect because it will definitely have words because when you have big exciting news, words are the best way to share that news (duh). I know that many of you are friends with me on Facebook so you already know our big news but I’m still excited to share it!



Ignore my sun blindness 😉

This is the reason why I’ve been pretty absent as of late since life is out of control crazy and we have SO much going on. We love our house and can’t wait to finally move in as the hardwood floors are getting refinished right now and our big moving day will be the 26th so right now we are just buying the things we need and starting to (slowly) pack up our apartment. I will definitely have more to come on this and will share pictures of the house once we move stuff in. I’m going to keep this post short since my mind is all over the place but I want to share some random photos which I have collected on my phone over the past few weeks.

gios pizza

Hawaiian pizza from Giovanni’s

powder hollow beer flight

Beer flight from Powder Hollow Brewery (this place is awesome!)

turkey bolognese

Julie’s recipe was so easy and delicious!

run mile

I have managed to get a few quality workouts in too!

Like I said, another short and sweet post, but I will be back soon with some exciting stuff that I have coming up! I hope you all have a happy Wednesday!

The Things That Make Me Happy

4 Mar

Happy Friday! What. a. week. Life just gets crazier and crazier around here, but it is also getting better and better. I could not be happier with life lately and although some things are a little scary, I’m more than excited for what life is throwing at me lately. I wanted to share a few things that really make me happy.

Happiness is… breakfast for dinner. I cannot remember the last time we had breakfast for dinner. It felt like such a luxury to have chocolate chip Kodiak cakes with some bacon and some of Dan’s famous breakfast potatoes.

breakfast for dinner

Happiness is… spending endless amounts of time laughing with friends. Last weekend I had the pleasure of helping Melissa with her wedding invitations and had such a wonderful time chatting with the ladies for hours and having all the wine and just laughing until my stomach hurt. Tyler has been over our house frequently and it has been so much fun. Last night, we were able to reunite with the lovely Kaitlin and I’m already looking forward to hopefully seeing her (and her hubby) again this coming week.

Kaitlin and I

Happiness is… when hard work pays off. I really feel like I’m coming into my own at work and I’m happy where I’m at. When I reflect on how much has happened within both my personal and professional lives within the last year, it is the true definition of a whirlwind and I LOVE it.

Happiness is… avocado toast (especially when it’s made by my mother in law). We stopped by last Saturday and she made me the most delicious avocado toast and it was the best!

avocado toast

Happiness is… many new opportunities. I have a lot of exciting things coming up for the blog and I’m grateful to be able to share them with you guys as they come along.

I’m going to keep today short and sweet as I really don’t have much time on my hands. I hope you guys have the happiest and most wonderful weekend!