Foodie Friday: Firehouse Subs

15 Apr

For this week being a week after vacation, I’m honestly surprised at how quickly it went by. I guess that’s probably due to the endless amount of unpacking and all of the other busy things that we have going on. I’m excited for the day when I get to sit back and relax for a bit but for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying the chaos.

This past Wednesday, I attended a media dinner at the brand new Firehouse Subs located in Glastonbury, CT. Firehouse Subs describes themselves as a fast-casual brand with locations in 44 states and the Glastonbury location is their first CT location. The owner of the CT location is Jeff, who previously worked for Coca-Cola in Florida and he delivered quite a bit to Firehouse Subs, became familiar with the brand, and decided to move back home to CT to open his own franchise.

I believe that one of the many things which sets Firehouse Subs apart from the rest of your typical chain sandwich restaurants is their focus on giving back to local first responders. As many of you may know, my husband is a volunteer firefighter and his department is already seeing HUGE benefits from this great restaurant. In fact, their foundation has donated over $18 million to 1400 departments across the country, not just fire department but police departments, EMS, and schools too!.

Firehouse subs mural

The founders, Chris Sorensen & Robin Sorensen, came from a family with a history of police and fire service, and they had a goal to provide hearty and flavorful food, heartfelt service and a dedication to public safety. This is what led them to form Firehouse Subs and was able to bring the brand to where it is today.

We had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Robin on Wednesday and learn all about Firehouse Subs as a brand and to also try four different subs that they offer. It was great to hear how the business started with just one location back in 1994 and how it has grown to what it is today.

Firehouse robin

The first sub that we tried was their #1 seller, the Hook and Ladder (turkey breast, ham & cheese). I was definitely able to see why this was the favorite as it was full of flavor and was very juicy. They pride themselves on using higher quality meat (and more meat) than their competitors while also staying right around the same price point.

Firehouse hook and ladder

We were also able to try the Italian (salami, pepperoni, ham & cheese), which was my personal favorite, probably because of the seasoning which was used. I’m not a big fan of Italian food but I love the seasoning used on Italian subs. They also put mayo on almost all of their subs which helps to add even more flavor. 

Firehouse Italian

The last two subs we tried were the New York Steamer (corned beef brisket, pastrami & cheese) and the Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket (beef brisket & cheddar). The New York Steamer uses hickory wood to cook the meat (so much flavor!) and the Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar uses Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce which is one of my favorites.

Firehouse steamer

Firehouse brisket

The food was absolutely incredible and it feels good to support a business that gives back to the local community, especially something that is so important to us personally.

I highly encourage that you stop by for a sub and support your local first responders. Also, if you are a first responder, you get a free drink! The Glastonbury location even has a ton of Glastonbury Fire Department memorabilia including a picture of our best friend Kevin with his grandfather when he was little!

Firehouse kevy

Let me know what you guys think if you do try Firehouse Subs. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


2 Responses to “Foodie Friday: Firehouse Subs”

  1. Polly Anderson May 5, 2016 at 11:49 am #

    Hi Shawna,

    I loved your post on firehouse subs! I had no idea the entire background of the company was so philanthropic! I agree that does really set them apart. I have been lucky enough to have one of their subs and they’re delicious.

    My name is Polly and I work for Skinnypop. Since you are a foodie I would love to chat about a few fun ideas we might have for your site!

    Please shoot me over an e-mail if you are interested!



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