WIAW: A Day in the Eats #2

11 Jan

Happy hump day! I hope you are all having a great week! I know it is definitely dragging a bit for me but I’ve been feeling pretty productive which is good. Today I thought I would share a day of my meals just to give you all an insight into what I’m eating on a normal workday. I really enjoy when other bloggers share a little peek into their eats for the day (such as this post by Tina) so I figured I would do the same. This is everything I ate yesterday, with the exception of a couple of handfuls of Goldfish when I got home from work and was absolutely starving before boot camp.




I have a tough time with breakfast as I’m never really that hungry in the morning. I wanted to start out the New Year by trying to eat a light breakfast which is filled with protein so I’ve been enjoyed a hard boiled egg and a banana alongside my (much-needed) coffee. Dan prepared the eggs for me this week and they ended up being more on the soft-boiled side which I think I’m actually going to stick with because I love me some runny yolk.



I picked up some Luna bars while grocery shopping this week as I had a couple of coupons loaded to my Stop and Shop card and I’m happy to report that the S’mores one is amazing! I will definitely be buying these again and it kept me pretty full until lunch.



In trying to start out the New Year in a healthier fashion, I have been making salads to bring for lunch. My salads have a lot of toppings including: spinach, red peppers, cucumbers, celery, olives, pickles, banana peppers, grape tomatoes, and some type of deli meat (this week it was buffalo chicken) with whatever dressing I’m feeling like that day. I paired the salad with a side of baby carrots.



Last night I went to a later boot camp class (6:30) so I knew in advance I would want a dinner which would be quick to throw together and easy for Dan to heat up since he had drill for the fire department last night as well and doesn’t usually get home until later. I made taco bowls with lean ground beef, brown rice, corn, black beans, salsa, guac, cheese, and plain greek yogurt. I enjoyed it with an orange seltzer which is a new favorite (thanks Alex!). These taco bowls were so delicious and easy to make. We have some leftover taco meat so we are going to have taco style baked potatoes tonight.



Guys, I have a new obsession. These Yasso greek yogurt bars are insanely good. I tried them a while ago in a different flavor and wasn’t totally hooked but I picked up the mint chocolate chip last week and they are incredible! It helps that mint chocolate chip anything is honestly the best in my opinion.

I hope you guys have enjoyed a little look into what I’ve been eating lately. Have a great rest of your week!


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