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WIAW: January Eats

31 Jan

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing a photo dump of all of the delicious meals I have been enjoying throughout the month of January while I have been “sugar free”. I’m linking the recipes for some of the meals in the captions. (Note: As I said in my last post, I really wasn’t insanely restrictive and I definitely allowed certain foods with a gram or two of sugar per serving just for sanity’s sake).

Sugar free 1

Our lunches looks mainly like this: chicken tossed with buffalo sauce, brown rice, veggies, and half a sweet potato. We cooked the chicken and rice in our brand new Instant Pot!

Sugar free 2

Mexican food (ie. tacos and nachos) were a big deal for us. These ones were fish tacos. YUM!

Sugar free 3

Another lunch: same chicken, veggie, sweet potato combo with some raw veggies and string cheese on the side. 

Sugar free 4

I had never really liked oatmeal in the past but I’m loving it now. I’ve been having it every day for breakfast, topped with low sugar peanut butter, cinnamon, and whatever fruit is on sale. 

Sugar free 5

Chicken chili on a snowy day. I made sure none of the canned tomatoes had any added sugar (some of them actually do!)

Sugar free 6

I’m pretty sure the high temperature on this day was like -5 degrees so pho was the only thing I wanted in my life. 

sugar free 9

A take on Cait Plus Ate’s bacon brussels egg bowl topped with kale pesto from Pinch of Yum. Random but delicious!

sugar free 10

Another breakfast of oatmeal topped with fruit 

sugar free 11

A Span-Ish Chop Bowl from one of our favorite places ever, El Pollo Guapo. If you’re local and you haven’t been, you need to go now!

sugar free 12

Doesn’t everyone need to snack while cooking dinner? Cukes, ranch, crunchmaster crackers, and cheese. And red wine, because winter. 

sugar free 13

Pinch of Yum’s healthy baked pesto rigatoni made with whole wheat pasta. Her kale pesto is everything you guys. I may make this for lunches next week!

sugar free 14

Breakfast for dinner. YES.

sugar free 15

A fantastic meal from Outback enjoyed compliments of a Christmas gift card. #winning

sugar free 16

Brown rice tuna & avocado roll

sugar free 17

A fantastic sesame cauliflower bowl with brown rice made by our wonderful friend Shannon and a sugar free cucumber cocktail made by Robbie 🙂

Phew, that was a lot! Thanks for reading (or, viewing?) Stay tuned on Friday for a Stitch Fix post 🙂


Sugar Free January: The What, Why, and How

30 Jan

Happy, happy everything all! It’s been quite a while. I took a much needed hiatus in order to reevaluate a myriad of things and search for some inspiration. The holidays were too quick but excellent. 2018 seems like it’s going to be a fantastic year. I’m here to tell you why I’m participating in Pinch of Yum‘s sugar free January and share some of the meals I have been enjoying so far.

What: Sugar free January

  • I’m cutting out all refined sugar, refined carbs, juices, and most packaged foods. As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I’m not about being super restrictive with anything so I’m allowing certain foods with a gram or less of added sugar since it can’t always be avoided (ie. salad dressings out at restaurants that don’t have just oil & vinegar, etc). I’m still eating whole grains, nut butters, and fruit. I’m also allowing red wine and vodka with seltzer because winter is red wine season for me and it’s my favorite. I’m not being super crazy restrictive either, because that is just not who I am.

sugar free plan


  • I’m honestly not a big sugar or sweets person to begin with but I feel like I went crazy like a kid in a candy store this holiday season. I ate cookies just because they were there, not even because I really wanted them, and that isn’t cool with me. I’m not looking to lose weight or anything like that but I won’t be mad if it happens 😉 Bottom line:  I didn’t like the way my body was reacting to the sugar (aka I felt like crap) so I’m reeling it in.

How is it going?:

  • I haven’t really noticed much of a difference or a craving for that matter. The hardest part has been not eating bread as I do crave sandwiches quite often. Whenever I have an urge to go grab some M&M’s from the vending machine at work, I pop in a piece of sugar free gum and the urge passes. Peppermint tea has helped after dinner and so have the individual packets of sugar free Crystal Light lemonade (the raspberry is the BEST!). I wish I had more to report but it really hasn’t been all that bad.
  • I want to emphasize that I’m not being crazy restrictive at all. For example, a couple of weeks ago we went out for a friend’s birthday and stopped at a pizza place for dinner. I enjoyed my pizza and felt good about it because it was a special night with wonderful people. I’ve also been to a few breweries that were new to us and I’ve enjoyed some beer too. Tortilla chips have also been a big thing for me and I’m more than okay with that.
  • I have noticed some physical changes and with how I’m feeling too. I don’t think I have lost actual weight (but I really don’t weigh myself either) but I’m SO much less bloated and my clothes definitely fit better. My skin has also cleared up quite a bit too. I have more energy overall and I sleep SO much better at night too.

Will I continue after January?:

  • I think I’m going to loosely try to stick with staying sugar free beyond January. I’m definitely going to have sandwiches and pizza from time to time but regarding desserts and candy, I think I can avoid those and be perfectly fine.

I’m going to share a post tomorrow with some of the meals that I have been making and enjoying throughout this month. Also, stay tuned for a Stitch Fix post on Friday!