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Fall Bucket List

8 Sep

Happy Friday! While this short week has seemed pretty long for me, I can’t even begin to imagine what others throughout the country are going through in places like Houston, Florida with the hurricanes and out West with the wild fires. You guys are all in my thoughts and prayers constantly.

I know that it isn’t officially fall yet but I’m just too darn excited for the new season to begin so today I wanted to go over a few things on my fall bucket list! Our friend Robbie recently texted us about how excited he was for fall because we always visit our favorite brewery this time of year and it had me brainstorming on all of the things I’m excited to do and enjoy.

  • Visit ALL of the fairs and festivals
Hebron Fair 2017

Yes, nearly all of my pictures are taken with Snapchat. Also, this baked potato was everything. 

Hebron Fair 2017 2

Dave won the “last chance” heat and got a trophy!

Okay so maybe not alllll of them because that would get quite costly, but at least our favorite ones. We went to the Hebron Harvest Fair last night and we are going again tonight to see one of our best friends participate in the demolition derby and figure eight derby. We will also be visiting the Big E several times as it is honestly one of my favorite places to be 🙂

  • Try some new-to-me foods and recipes
Apple seltzer

Picked this up to try, I will let you know how it is!

homemade pasta sauce

We made homemade pasta sauce this past weekend for the first time using this recipe

One of the reasons I am so excited for fall is because of the cozy and delicious foods that I love to cook each year. I have pinned countless new soup and casserole recipes to try over the coming months. My crock-pot will definitely be put to good use!

  • Make some new fall cocktails

This beer is phenomenal and at over 8% alcohol, definitely does the trick 😉

I have seen so many yummy looking recipes for fall drinks, such as this one and this one, and I can’t wait to start sampling them myself. I also love this time of year for enjoying a nice glass of red wine, which always makes me feel nice and cozy.

  • Wear ALL of the fall fashion 

nordstrom shirt

I recently picked up this top from Nordstrom and I’m eyeing this dress from my favorite store, Old Navy. I love all things related to boots and scarves too!

There are many other things I have planned for fall so stay tuned and I will share, as time allows! I’m expecting work to be quite hectic in the coming weeks but I will when I can 🙂

Have a great weekend!


Fashion Friday: Favorite Birchbox Products

6 Nov

Happy Friday all! Today I wanted to mix things up a bit and share some of my favorite products that I have received from Birchbox. Birchbox is a subscription service which costs $10 per month and each month they send you five samples of different make-up, hair or skin care products. Before your first box, you fill out a profile so they can get to know you and send products that you are looking for. Also, if you find a product that you love, you can purchase it directly from the Birchbox website. It’s a nice little treat each month and I always look forward to seeing the new products that I get to try!


  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer

I have always been a big fan of Benefit makeup and a lot of products that I regularly use are from them so I wasn’t surprised at all when I loved this bronzer. It was my first time using bronzer and I really like the subtle glow that it provides.


  • Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

I rarely have the time to sit down and put on a face mask but I absolutely love this one. It doesn’t seem to dry out my skin like some other masks I have tried and I love how soft my skin is after I rinse it off.


  • Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

A few months ago we celebrated my best friend Melissa’s bachelorette party at a local spa and the woman who did my facial asked me how often I exfoliate and my answer was hardly ever. She told me it would help to balance out my combination skin and provide a glow as well. I received this in my Birchbox shortly after and its amazing. It is very gentle but definitely gets the job done. I use it twice a week which is why I have been fortunate enough to have the sample last so long.


  • Coola Natural BB Cream

I had never used a BB cream before but I have definitely fallen in love with this one. I don’t use it very often because my makeup routine is pretty quick most days but it goes on very light and provides a subtle tint with a matte finish which is great. It also doubles as a sunscreen with SPF 30 which I also need to use more.


  • Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner in Black

This product came to me in one of my most recent boxes and it was perfect timing since my favorite liquid eyeliner from Victoria’s Secret was running out and was also discontinued. I had only used liquid eyeliner in the past and wasn’t a huge fan of the crayon but this one goes on so smoothly and it is very hard to mess it up. I am almost out of this sample as I use it every day and I will definitely be purchasing it in the coming weeks.


  • BONUS! Dan’s Favorite: Naobay Oxygenating Moisturizing Cream

Dan has very sensitive (and at times, dry) skin and one day he had asked me if I had any moisturizers which did not smell “girly”. I hadn’t used this one yet but I gave it to him to try as it has virtually no scent and is organic as well. He has been using it ever since whenever his skin has any dryness or redness. They don’t have it available right now on the Birchbox website, but I will be keeping a lookout so I can purchase a full size version for him.


This post was not sponsored in any way, I just really wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys! Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the products or Birchbox in general.

Have a great weekend!


Summer Fun: The Shoppes at Farmington Valley

12 Aug

There has been no shortage of fun activities going on this summer and one thing I love is visiting a new-to-us place and being able to experience something different. We were able to do just that a few weeks ago at The Shoppes at Farmington Valley in Canton, CT. The always wonderful Kat from Bird Social Media invited us to eat and shop the night away!

We started the evening off at Feng Asian Bistro where we enjoyed several unique dishes, from tuna wontons to scallops that just melted in your mouth. We also enjoyed some cocktails and my personal favorite was definitely the white sangria which was most refreshing on that warm summer evening.

Feng Tuna Wonton

Tuna Wontons

Feng tuna on spoon

Bonnie in action

Love blogger action shots! Bonnie from Home Place Blog

Feng sushi roll

Feng scallops

The presentation was incredible!

feng summer sangria

Once we were stuffed to the brim with food and drinks, we headed out to do some shopping! We visited Loft, J.Crew, Olive A Little, and Simply Mac. My favorite was definitely Olive A Little as that is actually where we regularly buy our olive oil and vinegar, at their South Windsor location. They gave us an incredible swag bag filled with so many different kinds of olive oil, vinegar, cheese, and pasta.

olive a little

Olive a little swag

All of the goodies! Ignore my middle of renovations kitchen please 😉

simply mac

So many cases to choose from at Simply Mac!

I ended up purchasing an adorable open back top from Loft as well as a pretty statement necklace from J.Crew. Both stores were having such great deals that I had to treat myself!

jcrew necklace

shirt loft

The Shoppes at Farmington Valley are located at 110 Albany Turnpike in Canton, Connecticut, right on Route 44. There are over 40 shops and businesses to visit, including a Kohls and a Dick’s Sporting Goods. I can’t wait until we are able to visit again and do some more eating and shopping!

(Disclaimer: Food, drink, and merchandise were provided to me in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own).

Feeling Like a Winner & Stepping into Summer Reveal

28 Jun

Happy Tuesday! I’m excited to finally be feeling like myself again as that cold/allergies knocked me on my butt for the last few weeks. Even though I haven’t been feeling too hot, I have still managed to rally and have a TON of summer fun, hence the title of this post.

Last Monday, I came home feeling awful but was very excited to find a package from the lovely Meg waiting for me! I had participated in her “Stepping Into Summer Swap Reveal” which included a sandal swap and I was paired up with Meg! But not only were the sandals included in the package, but I found out that I had won her Southern Proper giveaway on her blog. It was a very nice surprise for a Monday. Thank you, Meg!


Southern Proper Sandals

I’m pretty sure I wore the sandals every single day this past weekend as they are SO versatile and comfy. Here’s a look at what I won from the Southern Proper giveaway:

Southern Proper Beach Towel

Southern proper coozy

Southern Proper Sunglasses2

Southern Proper Tote

We have been doing a lot of home-cooking lately and pretty much all of it has been on the grill since our kitchen is still filled with dust from the process of sanding the cabinets. We are absolutely loving it though, as grilling is one of our favorite things to do. Grilled pizza has been our specialty as of late, and last night we made a Grilled Prosciutto and Peach pizza topped with basil and truffle balsamic vinegar. It was incredible!

Steak Dinner


Grilled pizza

I hope you guys have a great Tuesday! I plan to be back again before the end of the week as my birthday is this coming Sunday and I took Friday off to celebrate.



Five Things Friday: Short and Sweet

19 Feb

Happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I checked in with you guys but things have been pretty crazy this week. I was feeling a little under the weather with a slight cold for most of the week and by the time I had time to sit down and write, I was just exhausted and crawled right into bed. We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us so I’m going to try to keep today’s post on the short side with some random thoughts for you guys.

  • I have been killing it on the cooking front this week!

I made pot roast in the crock pot on Sunday for Dan’s Valentine’s day request which was delicious. On Tuesday we made a new-to-us recipe for egg and avocado spaghetti squash boats and then on Wednesday I made eggplant pizzas (with homemade sauce) all by myself while Dan was on a fire call. It was definitely a successful week for home-cooked meals!

pot roast

spaghetti squash

eggplant pizzas2

  • With that being said, we enjoyed a freaking amazing dinner last night at Cheeks Chicken in Manchester. 

After reading the amazing Yelp reviews and a recent article in the Hartford Courant, I knew we had to try this place. I had the chicken and waffles (my first time ever) and Dan had the spicy chicken sandwich. This place was incredible and we will be back, probably for our next cheat meal!

cheeks chicken

  • Stitch Fix Update: I kept three items!

I debated and conferred with several people on what to do (again, #firstworldproblems). I came to the decision that it really wouldn’t be worth it for me to keep all five items since I knew I wouldn’t wear those purple pants and same goes with the purple top too. I kept the open back top, the cardigan, and the polka dot tank top and I’m very happy with my choices!

  • I’m attending a fun event this weekend at Cookshop Plus in West Hartford.

I was invited once again by the lovely Kat for a cooking demonstration along with a taste of the coffee from their coffee bar. Cookshop Plus is a new cooking store which has recently opened up and I can’t wait to visit! Stay tuned for a full recap next week!

  • The rest of this weekend is going to be pretty hectic, and I’m totally okay with that.

Tonight we are having Brian and Natasha over for dinner and tomorrow is my Dad’s birthday so we are doing a sushi lunch for that. Sunday is the Cookshop event and then we are heading down to the casino for a concert. It will be busy but it’s all good things so I’m looking forward to it!

busy ecard

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and stay tuned next week for some good stuff coming your way!

Fashion Friday: Stitch Fix # 5

12 Feb

HAPPY FRIDAY! Sorry, I’m just a little bit excited about it. I’m currently at Daybreak Coffee Roasters sipping on some amazing Hazelnut french press coffee while I write as I took today off of work to have a “me” day which is something I think we all need from time to time. I really need to come here and blog more often! I finally caved and ordered another Stitch Fix and I think this is honestly the best one yet!

Here is an explanation in case you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before: Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. You pay a $20 styling fee up front and then you fill out an extensive styling profile which is sent over to a stylist who picks out five items (clothing, jewelry, scarves, accessories) which fit the personalized profile you have filled out. The items are sent to you and you try them on, with three days to decide on what you want. If you decide to keep anything, the $20 styling fee goes toward your purchase. If you purchase all five items, then you receive 25% off your entire order!

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 1

Item # 1: RD Style Keira 3/4 Sleeve Split Back Knit Top ($48)

As soon as I saw this one, I knew my stylist, Alison was totally in tune with exactly what I was looking for. I requested a top with a “party in the back” style and this one definitely delivered. I love the flowy fit which pairs well with the sexy back and navy is one of my favorite colors to wear.

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 2

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 3 correct

Verdict: Kept. I mean, how could I not keep it? It is exactly what I asked for and I know I will wear it a lot, whether by itself or with a brightly colored tank top underneath.

Item # 2: Skies are Blue Dorian Embroidery Detail Blouse ($58)

I was a little bit hesitant when I saw this one because although it is flowy which is what I love, it’s a little bit out the box for me, style-wise. Dan thought the same thing but once I tried it on, he actually loved the fit and I really liked the way it photographed.

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 7

Verdict: Undecided. I have to really think about this one because I like the way it looks in the picture but I have to decide if I will really wear it that often. What do you guys think?

Item # 3: BRIXON IVY Pinson Drape Cardigan ($54)

This cardigan is one that I actually pinned to my Pinterest board and Alison mentioned that in her note to me! I am absolutely obsessed with this one and I love the pretty ruffles. It is so romantic and delicate and I want to wear it every single day of my life.

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 4

Verdict: Kept. This one was a keeper before I even tried it on. It is literally everything that I love in a top.

Item # 4: Just Black Dean Skinny Jean ($78)

I did request some colored jeans in my note to Alison and she delivered on that. With that being said, I’m having a tough time determining what I would wear with these for a top and they are ankle length (with a zipper on the bottoms) and petite which is something I have never worn before. I may just try to venture out today and find some colored jeans at a cheaper price with a little more length.

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 5 correct

Verdict: Undecided. This is another one that I’m going to have to ponder. If I end up buying everything else, it may be more cost effective to just get these too so we shall see.

Item # 5: Daniel Rainn Poppins Crochet Trim Blouse ($64)

I feel like Alison just totally understood me with this fix. Polka dots are one of my favorite prints to wear and I adore this top. I asked for some pieces that would transition into Spring and this is totally on point. I can wear it now with a cardigan over it and then by itself when the weather warms up (it’s currently 8 degrees so not sure when that is happening exactly).

Stitch Fix # 5 picture 6

Verdict: Kept. I love the detail on the shoulders as well as the polka dots and it really looks great so it’s a keeper. The price point is high but I have such a hard time finding nicer tops to wear to work and out on the weekends.

As you guys can tell, I’m in a big dilemma with this fix (#firstworldproblems). I don’t hate any of the items and there are a couple that I absolutely love. I don’t feel bad spending money on higher quality items because I know they will last me a long time. I’m definitely going to have to think over if I want to keep the pants and the purple top based on how often I will wear them. Please let me know what you guys think as opinions from an outside perspective are always helpful!

Which items do you think I should keep?
Which one is your favorite?

Fashion Friday: My First Birchbox!

22 Jan

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing the goods from my very first Birchbox! If you are wondering what Birchbox is, it is a subscription service (similar to Stitchfix) which costs $10 a month and they send you five to six samples of high-end beauty products, anything from makeup to skin care to hair products. You can opt out at any time, so even if you just want to try it out once, it’s easy to cancel! Since I’ve been getting more into all things beauty lately, I decided to try it out! I’ll go over what I received and what I think so far.

Birchbox 1

Birchbox 2

  • amika: Nourishing Mask (full size cost: $28)

This one intrigues me because it is actually a hair mask and I have never used one before. I haven’t had time to try this out yet but I’m thinking it can’t hurt to give my hair some extra attention.

birch box hair mask

  • Cane & Austin: 2%/5% Acne Retexture Pads (full size cost: $60)

I’ve always had a little problem with acne from time to time and I think that these pads are the perfect solution for when I’m dealing with a breakout. They are pretty costly so I’m not sure I would buy them full-size but I think they are pretty great.

birch box acne pads

  • Eyeko: Fat Liquid Eyeliner (full size cost: $16)

I was pretty excited when I saw this in the box because I’m a big fan of liquid eyeliner. I haven’t had an occasion to try it out yet but when I do, I will be sure to let you guys know how I like it.

birch box eyeliner

  • Klorane: Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (full size cost: $20)

Dry shampoo is something that I have been trying out a lot lately since I work out nearly every day and I really don’t like to shampoo my hair every single day since it dries out so easily. I had heard of this dry shampoo before and I honestly love it! It smells great and the price is not bad at all so I will likely be purchasing this next time I need to stock up!

birch box dry shampoo

  • Whish: Three Wishes Body Butter – Almond (full size cost: $24)

My skin has been incredibly dry lately due to the cold weather and this stuff definitely helps with that. It smells wonderful and really moisturizes my skin without providing that greasy feeling that a lot of body butter gives.

birch box body butter

Overall, I really enjoyed my first Birchbox and I think I will definitely do another one next month. It’s so low cost and allows me to try out some high-quality beauty products without having to spend a ton of money. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to dabble in the beauty world! If you want to try it out, use this link to subscribe and let me know what you think.