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WIAW: Definition of Summer

12 Jul

Happy Wednesday! I feel like I say that at the beginning of every post but a day when I have some time to blog is a happy day 🙂 Today I’m sharing a smorgasbord of different meals and drinks that I have enjoyed so far this summer. Between our fantastic CSA (which I plan to cover in a future post) and farmers market trips, we have definitely been embracing summer foods.

Maggie mcflys tuna salad

Quite possibly one of my favorite salads ever, the Ahi Tuna salad from Maggie McFly’s 

Cheese plate bday

I had to show off my favorite lobster cutting board. This cheese plate is from my birthday celebration 🙂

birthday cake 2017

Alex made me this wonderful birthday cake too!

engagement party chipotle

Dan’s cousins engagement party was catered by Chipotle which is the best idea ever

Stony creek beer

We visited Stony Creek Brewery on my birthday and it was the perfect day!

birthday lobster

My birthday dinner request was a lobster roll so Dan bought a few lobsters and made them for us!

Apps brian and natasha

This past Friday we had Brian and Natasha over for dinner. We enjoyed fresh salsa from Fairweather Acres along with homemade guac and some cheese and crackers. I love me some apps!

Caprese salad

I also made a caprese salad with tomatoes from our CSA, fresh mozz, and basil from our garden

brian and natasha dinner

Our dinner included a little bit of everything: grilled chicken, steak, kielbasa, potatoes, squash, broccoli, and the caprese salad

buffalo chicken wrap

Dan had a prior commitment on Monday night so I was on my own for dinner. I made Brittany’s buffalo chicken wrap along with a salad consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh mozz, and basil.  

burrito bowl

Dan had another meeting last night so I made myself a burrito bowl with quinoa, chicken, black beans, corn, avocado, green onion, salsa, and plain greek yogurt. It was delish!

That’s all for today folks! I’m ready to tackle the rest of this week and relax as much as possible this weekend 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!

Five Things Friday: Summer Lovin’

23 Jun

Happy happy Friday! I feel like this week dragged on a bit but that might be because we have very few plans this weekend and I’m so pumped to just relax with the hubby! It was definitely a busy week and I have a huge piled of unfolded laundry calling my name this evening (ugh). I figured I would share five random thoughts from the past week (or two).

  • We signed up for our first CSA with Fair Weather Acres farm and our first pickup was this past Sunday. We received so many fresh and delicious veggies which allowed us to be a bit more creative with our cooking this week. Our box included: 2 lbs of spinach, 1 head of lettuce, 1 quart of strawberries, 1 bunch of swiss chard, 1 bunch of radishes, 1 head of broccoli, garlic scapes, and bok choy. I loved everything included but I think my favorite were the strawberries and the garlic scapes. We made two new recipes with some of the veggies we received, a garlic scape and spinach frittata as well as swiss chard and garlic scape pasta. Both were yummy!


swiss chard and garlic scape pasta

  • My cousin Daniel graduated from high school on Tuesday and we were fortunate enough to be able to attend. He gave a speech during the ceremony which obviously had everyone in our family in tears. We went out for a wonderful dinner at Bertucci’s after too. It was a great evening!

Daniel graduation

  • Last Saturday went down as one of the top five days of this year for me so far. Natasha, Jenna, and I attended our friend Miko’s bridal shower which was SO much fun. We were nonstop laughing the entire time due to the very creative and hilarious games that her bridal party had planned. After the shower, Jenna and I met up with the boys in Granby at Lost Acres Vineyard where we enjoyed some wine and a fantastic cheese plate. After that we ventured over to Brignole Vineyards, also in Granby, and had a really fun wine tasting (the guy giving our tasting was hilarious) and some fabulous sangria. All of that wine meant for an early evening catnap but we managed to rally and make it out for our friend Kevin’s birthday. It was truly an amazing day!

Miko's bridal shower

Lost Acres cheese and wine

  • Salads have been my jam lately. Ever since returning from our cruise, I have been craving salads and fresh veggies ALL the time. I have particularly been enjoying my current lunch salad which includes strawberries and goat cheese which is such a fantastic combo. If you haven’t tried it, you should!
Firehouse Subs salad

First salad from Firehouse Subs, sooo good!

chicken fajita salad

The chicken was way too spicy, even for me! Less chili powder next time for sure 

Strawberry goat cheese salad

  • Father’s Day was filled with so much delicious food and lots of sunshine. We treated my Dad to lobster rolls at Jessica’s Garden in Marlborough (highly recommend!) and then we visited Dan’s parents for dinner at their new lake house in Ashford. It was a wonderful end to a great weekend!

jessicas garden lobster roll

Father's day 2017 1

Life has been pretty great lately but I am excited to have very few plans on the radar this weekend. There is a bottle of Rosé and some grilling on the agenda and that’s the way I like my summer weekends!

Five Things Friday: Puppy, Superbowl, and Snow

10 Feb

Happy Friday! This week has sure been a weird one, with all of the weather and everything else going on in the world (and in our lives). I have lots to share with you today and I haven’t done a post like this in forever so here goes nothing.

  • Let’s start with the biggest news: we adopted a puppy! It was totally unexpected hence why I didn’t mention anything on here before. We had known we wanted to get one in the near future, likely spring so the weather would be a bit better. We saw on Facebook that a local rescue organization, Pack Leaders, would be at Petsmart with their dogs available for adoption this past Saturday. We decided to stop by and fell absolutely in love with an 8 month old Plott Hound/Whippet mix named Forrest. Long story short, we ended up adopting him that day and changed his name to Charlie. He is fitting in well with our family (as in the cats are tolerating him currently) and I’m sure I will be sharing plenty of pictures of him here.


  • With all of the puppy craziness, we were still able to host our small Superbowl gathering that we have each year. A few of our close friends came over and we ate the night away and also celebrated the Pats awesome comeback and win (YAY). The best treats of the night were provided by our favorite local bakery, Hartford Baking Company, in West Hartford. They provided us with a fantastic bread bowl and some pretzel baguettes that we sliced up for dipping as well. I absolutely love supporting local businesses and I encourage visiting Hartford Baking Company ASAP as their sandwiches, pastries, and coffee are also amazing and that bread is just everything.

One of everything please!


  • Winter has finally arrived and I know I am one of the few that is SO happy about it. I love the snow and the cozy feeling of being wrapped up in blankets while the snow falls outside. We got around 18 inches last night which was definitely our biggest storm of the season.
  • With the snow comes my urge to cook all the things. I made chili for super bowl which we enjoyed leftovers of all week long. I took Monday off and decided to meal prep some chicken pesto pasta for lunch for the week. I used a combo of veggie and gluten free pasta along with almost a whole jar of pesto and a couple of sauteed chicken breasts. I plan on making this again for this coming week so I will try to snap some pics and share the recipe as I kind of made it up as I went along. I also made Chrissy Teigen’s chicken noodle soup last night which was just what the hubby needed as he was feeling a bit under the weather when he got home from plowing.


  • We have some fun plans for this weekend and I’m excited to get out as I feel like I’ve been stuck in the house due to the snow. We are doing some early Valentine’s Day celebrating with our friends Robbie and Jenna and heading to some wineries out in the Litchfield area which has become an annual tradition for the four of us. Sunday is a much needed girls breakfast with some of my favorite ladies.

I’m sure there will be a repeat of this photo from last year 🙂

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend filled with all of the fun you can find!

Disclaimer: A portion of this post was sponsored by Hartford Baking Company. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Labor Day Weekend 2016

6 Sep

Happy Tuesday! I felt like certain parts of this weekend flew by and others went by nice and slow. I loved everything about this past weekend, but especially the time we were able to spend with our close friends and family. I feel like we spent quality time with SO many different people and that was really nice.

As I had mentioned, I took Friday off and that meant I was able to sleep in a bit and write this Stitch Fix post and prepare our dinner. I was planning on going to boot camp but once my alarm went off, I was just not feeling it so I used it as a rest day. I spent the afternoon doing some shopping and I enjoyed a delicious Cobb salad from Panera outside on their patio. I came home and unloaded my goodies and spent a good couple of hours lounging in our sun room. It was a perfect, leisurely start to the holiday weekend. That evening, we enjoyed some crock-pot turkey chili along with a fabulous red wine before heading to the Diamond.

Panera cobb salad

Gimme all that avocado 🙂

Turkey chili

Saturday morning was spent at the farmer’s market where I was able to spend some time with my aunt and cousins while Dan and my Dad replaced the brakes on our Explorer (thanks guys!). The majority of Saturday afternoon was spent at a celebration of life for our best friend Tyler’s mom who had recently passed away. It was a beautiful celebration and it was wonderful to see so many people there supporting him and his family. Saturday evening we were a bit hungry so we decided to head to Birch Hill Tavern for some apps and we devoured their Sea Scallop and Arugula dip which was INSANE and I want more of that right now. We ended the evening by falling asleep at 9:00 on the couch watching the Harry Potter marathon. We are super cool.

Birch Hill dip

Sunday was the absolute definition of a Sunday Funday. We went to Gouveia Vineyards with Alex and Natasha and then enjoyed a dinner back at our house of chicken, steak, and shrimp kabobs with sides of macaroni and potato salad. I took zero pictures of our dinner but it was delicious. I wish every single Sunday could be filled with that much laughter and love.

gouveia wine bottles

Gouveia ladies

gouveia selfie

Monday was literally spent on the couch, I think for something like 12 hours. Robbie and Jenna came over, and later so did Morgan and Kody, and we watched four Lifetime movies and ordered Chinese food for dinner. It was the absolute laziest day we have had since we bought our house and it was perfection.

It was a great weekend and I’m happy that we have a short week so I can get back to more fun like that. Somehow, I’m still totally exhausted but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead!


Wordless Wednesday: Birthday & 4th of July Weekend

6 Jul

Happy hump day! I am loving this short work week and am excited that the weekend seems like it is coming up quickly once again. This past weekend we celebrated my birthday as well as America’s birthday 🙂 I took a ton of pictures and figured it would be best to just share them, wordless style. Enjoy!

post softball pizza

Mikos American Pie

Lovely pie made by Miko for my birthday celebration

Dan Kody Morgan and I

the men 2016 bday

dan and i 2016 bday

silverstein fam 2016 bday

photo credit: Alexandra Swanson

Hanningtons bday 2016

photo credit: Alexandra Swanson

ladies bday 2016

photo credit: Alexandra Swanson

jenna alex natasha bday 2016

photo credit: Alexandra Swanson

birthday margarita D

Diamond margarita… Love the festive straw!

whole harmony tea

Whole Harmony Goji Berry Raspberry Iced Tea at Boticello’s Farmer’s Market.. so good!

Mercado 2

Mercado‘s Queso Frito… one of my absolute favorite food trucks ever!

MCC Fireworks 2016

Birthday breakfast 2016

Birthday breakfast at Dondero Orchards

winery selfie bday 16

winery bday 16

winery bday 16 2

lobster landing

lobster landing lobster roll

red robin bday burger

My Red Robin birthday burger on July 4th is a tradition for us 🙂

beer lobs pool

Man that was a lot of pictures! Believe it or not, even with all of the fun we had, we were still able to get a LOT done on the house. I will be sharing those pictures hopefully later this week if not next week. I can’t wait for today to be over as we are having some friends over for dinner and I’m excited to relax with them 🙂 Have a happy Wednesday!

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

2 Jun

Happy happy Thursday! A three day week for me  (Monday AND Tuesday off) means that this week is flying by! I figured I would do a quick recap of all of the fun that was had this past weekend. It was truly filled with the best food, wine, and even better friends and family!

Friday evening was spent at Cassidy Hill Vineyard and then the Diamond with no pictures taken (oops!). I guess I was just really excited for the long weekend.

Saturday we attended a cookout at our friend Jim’s house where we had some delicious food and I enjoyed a couple cans of Lila Rosé which was really good, and I love that it comes in a can. We also attended a neighborhood pig roast with Dan’s parents and our friend Christian which was cool because we got to meet some of our new neighbors.

Lila Rose

Jim's cookout

Sunday afternoon was spent at Still Hill Brewery with Robbie and Shivani with no pictures taken again. Sunday evening we were at Dan’s parents house for a little cookout and Alex joined us as well. We had a fun ride on their neighbor’s golf cart too!

golf cart ride

I also took very few pictures on Monday as the parade was cancelled due to the weather but we still attended a cookout hosted by the fire department which was fun and we got to spend some time with our flower girl and ring bearer who we definitely don’t see enough!

Fire dept picnic

I took Tuesday (in addition to Friday) off to give myself a mini-vacation. I spent the afternoon with Natasha at Gouveia Vineyards in Wallingford which is absolutely breathtaking and a perfect way to spend a day off. We ended the day with dinner at our house with Brian and Natasha and we enjoyed salmon, grilled chicken, potato salad, and cole slaw. SO yummy!

natasha and i gouveia

gouveia view

gouveia tasting

dinner on patio

It was quite a fun weekend and I was pretty tired by the time bedtime rolled around on Tuesday but it was well worth it. The busyness continues through this week and this weekend as we are heading to NJ for my cousin Maggie’s college graduation party which will be fun!

I have some fun posts in my head which I’m hoping to have the time to sit down and write so stay tuned 🙂




The Most Wonderful Weekend of All!

2 Sep

Happy hump day! This week is definitely flying by, as per usual! Only 38 days till the wedding and I have a lot on my plate, hence the lack of blogging over the last couple of weeks. Today I am probably the most excited I have ever been to share a post! I am sharing my bachelorette weekend with you guys and it was honestly the best weekend of my entire life. I have never felt so relaxed, loved, or pampered, and I owe it all to the amazing group of girls that provided all of that to me.


I was picked up at home by Carlee, and Miko rode with us as well as the other girls had a head start to get some things ready. We arrived in Newport a little after 4:00 and our hotel room was decorated to the max with all kinds of fun and slightly inappropriate decorations which I loved 🙂 . We started things off with drinks and music right away (hello, Spiked Seltzer!) and took a bunch of pictures too. We were going to stay in that night but I was really eager to explore Newport so we spontaneously decided to head out to dinner at The Red Parrot which was very delicious. We headed out to a few bars afterwards as we were awaiting Kate and Sam’s arrivals and then we went back to the hotel to play some games and drink a little (or a lot) more. It was such a fun start to the weekend and definitely a precursor to the fun that was about to be had.

Jenna, me, Natasha :)

Jenna, me, Natasha 🙂

Some of the ladies at The Red Parrot, missing Kate and Sam

Some of the ladies at The Red Parrot, missing Kate and Sam


We woke up relatively early for being up very late and headed down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. I had a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich which definitely hit the spot. After that, we headed down to the pool where we enjoyed some sun and mimosas.

My little mermaid!

My little mermaid!

Pure bliss!

Pure bliss!

After a few hours at the pool, we headed back to the room to change so we could go spend the afternoon at a vineyard. This is where the only problem within the entire trip occurred. We had intended to go to Newport Vineyards as a few of us had been there before and loved it. However, we arrived to find that they did need a reservation for a group as large as ours which was understandable. We were disappointed but alright with that answer and ready to try another vineyard but we noticed they were taking couples and smaller groups as walk-ins so we politely asked if we could split up our group and go in pairs. The answer we received was a very rude no and they would not budge at all. It was a terrible experience and we were treated horribly by the manager who had no concept of good customer service skills. I don’t think any of us will be returning there after that experience. We left and headed over to Greenvale Vineyards where we had the complete opposite experience. The staff was wonderful and there was live music playing as well as a gorgeous view of the ocean. We enjoyed a private tasting and then settled in at a picnic table with some snacks and bottles to share. It was such a happy accident that we ended up there and I honestly can’t wait to return.

Selfies are a must on the way to the vineyard

Selfies are a must on the way to the vineyard

So many delicious wines!

So many delicious wines!

We headed back to the hotel and got ready for a fun and fabulous night out. We started the evening with dinner at Brick Alley Pub which may be one of my favorite restaurants of all time. After that, per our wine tasting person Nishan’s recommendation, we headed to Dockside for some drinks and dancing. It was such a fun spot and exactly what we were looking for. After the bar closed, we took a taxi back to the hotel and ordered Domino’s on the way which was devoured as soon as we got back to the room. We stayed up very late chatting and I could not have had a better night!

Blackberry Sangria at Brick Alley Pub!

Blackberry Sangria at Brick Alley Pub!

Best lobster roll ever!

Best lobster roll ever!

Ready to dance!!

Ready to dance!!


The hotel check out was at 11:00 so it gave us a good excuse to get up and get in gear pretty early. We got ready and packed and headed down to the center of Newport. We went to brunch at Diego’s where I had Diego’s Huevos along with a fabulous cocktail.

One of my favorite meals ever

One of my favorite meals ever

Bitches love brunch.. true story

Bitches love brunch.. true story

At the end of brunch, Sam headed to take her Uber back to the airport and we definitely missed her but I can’t wait to see her again for the wedding! We spent the rest of the afternoon browsing all of the little shops in the center of Newport and ended the trip with a trip to Newport Creamery.

It was the perfect day

It was the perfect day

It was the perfect weekend and I can’t stop gushing enough about how much I love these girls and how great they are. I get overwhelmed with emotion every time I think about the weekend because it was just that special. Thank you again, Alex, Melissa, Natasha, Jenna, Kate, Carlee, Miko, and Sam for the best weekend of my life!

The Smashed Grape: Wine Seminar # 3

14 Aug

Happy Friday! I am thoroughly enjoying my day off and I just finished a pretty tough workout including a mile long walk and part of a Jillian Michaels video. After I finish this post, I plan on taking a quick dip in the pool before running some errands.

This past Wednesday evening, Dan and I attended the third wine seminar held at Spicy Green Bean and hosted by The Smashed Grape. As usual it was such a fun and informative evening and it was a nice little date night for us. We love supporting local businesses, especially ones with such great owners!

We loved having a reserved table!

We loved having a reserved table!

This particular seminar was presented by Cat Schaller of Slocum & Sons, which is an importer and purveyor of fine wine & spirits out of North Haven, CT. Cat provided an excellent presentation and I think Dan and I both learned quite a bit.

Although it was a wine seminar, they decided to start it off with a cocktail (I was not complaining!). We sampled an organic cucumber mojito made with Prairie vodka which is actually the number one organic vodka on the market. It was refreshing and not too sweet, a perfect start to the tasting!

These went down way too easily!

These went down way too easily!

Wine # 1: 2014 Terres de Saint-Louis

This wine was a French rose which I found to be pretty dry, which is typical of a European rose. It was very light and would be easy to drink on a hot summer day.

Wine # 2: 2014 Acadia Unoaked Chardonnay

Now I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of chardonnay as it is usually too dry for my tastes and I am not a fan of the aftertaste. However, this one was not too bad! I think the difference is that this wine is not aged in oak which gives it a different flavor than most other chardonnays. I can honestly say that I would order a glass of this wine, although I wouldn’t be able to drink much more than that.

Wine # 3: 2014 Giesen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

This wine was from New Zealand and was made by three German brothers. It had flavors of passionfruit, kiwi, and grapefruit. I really enjoyed this wine and I think it would pair well with fish or chicken as it is very light and crisp.

Wine # 4: 2013 Rioja Muga Blanco

I think that this wine was definitely my second favorite overall because the flavor was so unique. The grape was a viura grape which I don’t believe I have ever had before and it was wonderful. It comes from a famous winery in the Rioja region of Spain. It was delicate, light and very different from any other wine I have tried. It would pair wonderfully with fish and I definitely recommend it!

Wine # 5: 2014 Amalaya Malbec

I saved the best for last! This was the only red wine we tasted and it was my favorite. I haven’t had red wine in a while since I don’t usually drink it in the summer so I was excited for this one. It was a blend with 85% Malbec, 10% Cab, and 5% Syrah grapes. It pairs well with everything and it was the perfect balance of dry vs. sweet. We purchased a bottle of this wine after the tasting (only $9.99!) and I enjoyed a couple of glasses last night.

The Food:

Spicy Green Bean outdid themselves this time with the variety of food which was provided. There were Portuguese codfish cakes, an abundance of cheese, marinated steak tips, breaded chicken, caprese salad and so many other things that I can’t even remember. The food was all so delicious and we are planning on dining there in the very near future.

Their presentation was truly remarkable!

Their presentation was truly remarkable!

I most definitely went back for seconds!

I most definitely went back for seconds!

It was a wonderful evening and I can’t speak highly enough of both Spicy Green Bean and The Smashed Grape. They are true, local, family-owned businesses and we are so happy to be able to support them!

The Smashed Grape: Wine/Liquor Seminar # 2

10 Jul

Happy Friday everyone! Today I’m sharing a wonderful event that we attended this past Wednesday evening. It was The Smashed Grape‘s second wine and liquor seminar. We weren’t sure we were going to be able to make it but our softball game was cancelled and boy were we glad we were able to attend!

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

The first presentation and tasting was done by Lelaneia Dubay, the owner and creator of Hartford Flavor Company. She makes a variety of liqueurs, all of which are gluten and GMO free with no artificial flavors. She started out making these liqueurs as Christmas gifts and her friends and family enjoyed them so much, she decided to launch the business this past April and her product is already in 95 establishments!

We tried five different flavors; cucumber, rose, lavender, birch, and chai. The cucumber was excellent and very refreshing. The rose was probably my least favorite but I generally can’t stand anything that has a flowery flavor, although it received rave reviews from many of the other attendees. The lavender was also not a favorite of mine but for the same reason and again, most of the others loved it. The birch was very good and she also let us taste that one mixed with bourbon and it was amazing. The chai was probably my favorite as it had a strong cinnamon flavor and I could definitely see myself sipping it. I absolutely loved her story and charisma and she told us she is probably going to launch a cranberry flavor soon, which I am very excited to try!

All gone!

All gone!

The next gentlemen was from a large distributor called Brescome Barton. I did not catch his name but he gave a great presentation as well and we were able to taste quite a variety of items.

We first tried a beer which provided a nice variety from the sweet liqueurs we had been tasting. It was the Ommegang Cooperstown Ale, which drew me in immediately based on the baseball-related name. It was a very light, summery ale and I could definitely enjoy it at a baseball game.

He provided very generous pours as well!

He provided very generous pours as well!

Next, we tried the Dreaming Tree Everyday White, which is actually singer Dave Matthew’s wine! It is a white wine blend of four different grapes and I found it to be very balanced but it was a little dry which was a pleasant surprise because I tend to find that a lot of white blends are very sweet.

The food was brought out at this point and we definitely needed some sustenance after all of that booze! As usual, The Spicy Green Bean outdid themselves with some caprese skewers, chicken salad served on cucumbers (my favorite!), sliders, bacon wrapped asparagus, and shrimp crostini. I have yet to find something that they have made that I didn’t adore and it is also great that they are located right across the street from us!

Anything wrapped in bacon is amazing in my opinion

Anything wrapped in bacon is amazing in my opinion

These were my favorite!

These were my favorite!

The next wine we tried was my overall favorite and of course it included bubbles! It was the Ruffino Prosecco which was so easy to drink and had such a delicious fruity flavor of apples and peaches. The gentleman providing the presentation advised us to not spend more than $15 on a bottle of bubbles and to go with Prosecco whenever possible as it is usually much cheaper than champagne.

Bubbles are the best!

Bubbles are the best!

Last but not least we tasted the Ravenswood Vinters Blend Zinfandel. I was loving the fact that they included two blends in this tasting as I find them to be so unique. This was a surprise as it was very fruity but not at all like what I expect when I drink a zinfandel. It had a wonderful raspberry flavor and he told us that it is very popular which I totally understand. It had a long finish and would definitely pair well with steak and potatoes or really any kind of meat.

This event was so much fun and I truly love the owners/staff of both The Smashed Grape and The Spicy Green Bean. They already have two events lined up in August and September and we are already looking forward to those!

Birthday Weekend Festivities

8 Jul

Happy hump day all! Today I’m doing a recap of my fabulous birthday weekend festivities. In all honesty, I could not have had a better weekend. We fit so much fun stuff in and I wish I could relive it a million times! Even though I had a four day weekend, it flew by so fast and by Sunday night, we were scrambling to do our food prep and cleaning for the week.


I spent a good chunk of the day shopping with my mom which was fun because I picked up a couple of new bathing suits from Target (this one and this one) and she made a final decision on her dress for the wedding 🙂 For dinner that evening, Dan and I went to Krust, which as you guys know is one of my favorite restaurants. We enjoyed a couple of cocktails along with Eggplant Caponata along with a Sunny Side Up pizza topped with brussels sprouts. It was a very relaxing start to a very busy weekend.

This drink was made with Onyx Cranberry moonshine!

This drink was made with Onyx Cranberry moonshine!

It has been forever since I had eggplant, I will definitely be ordering it more often

It has been forever since I had eggplant, I will definitely be ordering it more often

Those brussels were so crispy and delicious!

Those brussels were so crispy and delicious!


I was fortunate enough that Dan also had my birthday off so we slept in a little bit and then continued to lounge while watching some TV. Once we got up, we met up with our friend Kevin and walked around town to do some errands and we got my favorite Double Dark Chocolate iced coffee from Daybreak. Dan and I ran some more errands and prepped some food for the evening and then we spent about an hour at the pool at our apartment complex. I had been dying to take a dip and I was lucky we had that free hour to do so. Once we came back from the pool and got ready, we headed off to my birthday celebration! I had a gathering with a bunch of our friends at Arrigoni Winery in Portland. It was honestly one of the best nights of my entire life. Everyone brought an appetizer to share and we all just hung out, ate, drank wine, and listened to live music. I truly recommend that everyone does something like this for their birthday at some point in time. It was so relaxing and there was so much laughter and silliness had! We ended the night at the Diamond where we enjoyed the most delicious chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake from Ben and Jerry’s.

My stomach is growling just looking at all of that food!

My stomach is growling just looking at all of that food!

Arrigoni had so many places for perfect photo opportunities

Arrigoni had so many places for perfect photo opportunities

The group shot! Love these people so much!

The group shot! Love these people so much!

Loving this pic of Natasha also taking a pic :)

Loving this pic of Natasha also taking a pic 🙂


We spent most of Saturday down in Old Lyme at Jenna’s aunt and uncle’s beach house. It was a little gloomy to start the day but the sun eventually came out and it was another relaxing afternoon and evening. We walked over to Lenny’s on the Beach and enjoyed some cocktails. The night ended with an extraordinary fireworks display which was one of the best that I have ever seen. It was a great day and we love spending time with Jenna and Robbie!

Naturally the only picture I took that day was of the fish bowl we drank ;)

Naturally the only picture I took that day was of the fish bowl we drank 😉


We woke up pretty early on Sunday and scrambled to go get our grocery shopping done. After that, we met up with Dan’s boss and his granddaughter and headed up to Boston for the Red Sox game. It was my first game of the year and we had perfect weather for it. The seats were also incredible and it was such a fun ending to the best birthday weekend ever!

Such a perfect day!

Such a perfect day!

Hot dogs always taste better at ballparks, I swear

Hot dogs always taste better at ballparks, I swear

I hope you guys have enjoyed my birthday weekend recap. I am planning to post again on Friday (fingers crossed) since I have the day off because my bridal shower is on Saturday and I figured, why not have a long weekend? Although I do plan on spending the majority of the day at the pool so we shall see if I can find the time to write.