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Balance is Key

1 Mar

Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written. Honestly, life has been crazy since getting the puppy and we are still adjusting but everything is great and I have no complaints. I have felt quite on top of things this week which I equate to making an honest effort to go to bed earlier and get more sleep which in turn has definitely made me more productive. Today I wanted to touch a little bit on something which is really important in my life: balance.


I don’t believe in dieting or restricting myself in any way, shape, or form. If I want to devour three slices of pizza and a few glasses of wine, I’m going to do it, but I might balance that with a tough boot camp at the gym the next morning.


This pizza from Krust was everything.

It has been a tough lesson for me to learn because for a long time, I felt like I had to restrict what I was eating to try to stay in shape but I realized that it honestly wasn’t having much of an effect so why even bother with such a rigid lifestyle.

There are days when all I crave is a smoothie from The Fresh Monkee and a huge salad for lunch because my body wants all the fruits and vegetables.


The next day I might have to have a burger and fries and you know what? It tastes damn good and SO worth it.


Our first time at Mooyah and definitely not our last!


I think having cheeseburgers is one of our favorite things to do 😉

I belong to a fantastic gym, which is really more like a family, and they have taught me that being strong, both mentally and physically, is better than anything else, and that sometimes enjoying copious amounts of wine is alright and you can always get your butt kicked the next day in boot camp. I plan on sharing more about Mission Fitness in another post but just know that it has become one of the best parts of my life.


Nothing is better than finishing a 6:00am workout on a Friday. (Photo credit: Matt Mund)


Yes, I finished this crazy workout concocted by Eric, barely, but I did it!

Ironically, although I speak about not restricting myself and all of that, I did choose to give up most sweets for the month of February. It didn’t exactly work as I indulged in a few cookies here and there, along with some candy that I received for Valentine’s Day. I did manage to not eat any ice cream during the whole month which was huge for me.

I didn’t try to give up sweets in an attempt to restrict myself but because I had been feeling like total crap after the holidays and knew that sugar was the likely culprit so I wanted to hit reset and bring down my sugar intake. I do know that I will probably enjoy a huge bowl of ice cream tonight and it will taste amazing.


These strawberries have been my dessert every single night this week, SO sweet and delicious!

This post was brought on by several conversations I have heard recently about what people are giving up for Lent. Most of the discussions revolved around food and dieting and although I am not very religious, I don’t think that Lent should be a reason to restrict. I use it as a way to take a step back and look at the things in my life, whether it be food or something else, that don’t add any value and that is where I make my decision to give something up.

My point is, just listen to your body, because it gives more cues than any magazine or TV show or public misconception will, and enjoy that cheeseburger or five mile run or really whatever makes you happy 🙂


When your best friend asks you to be her bridesmaid, you celebrate!

Disclaimer: This post is all my opinions and thoughts. I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist.



Five Things Friday: The Week in Review

4 Dec

Happy Friday, once again! I found that some parts of this week went by super slow, while other days were over before I knew it. I’m trying to enjoy every single moment of this holiday season as it is my favorite time of year, and I think everyone can agree it always goes by way too fast. I figured I would use my five things today to provide a little recap of my week.


Due to a lot of cleaning, meal-prepping, and just prepping for the week in general, I started off the week feeling very on top of everything and totally ready. I came home from work, completed a new-to-me video, Jillian Michael’s Killer Arms and Back, and had a delicious dinner with the hubby. On a side note, I will say that I absolutely loved this new video from Jillian and I highly recommend it, not just to work out the arms and back because it definitely provided a full body work out (aka I was sore as heck the next day). Our dinner consisted of a power bowl including apple chicken sausage, brussels, and brown rice, all drizzled with some Frank’s sweet chili sauce. SO good!

Power bowl


Still feeling quite on top of things for the week, I came home from work and completed Jillian’s Killer Abs video which I also love (weird, I know). Dan had a fire department meeting so he prepared these delicious eggplant pizzas from Kalyn’s Kitchen. It was our first time cooking with eggplant and we definitely enjoyed it! I have already pinned a bunch more eggplant related recipes. I also enjoyed a green smoothie made with spinach, frozen peaches, raspberries, and blackberries which was delicious. I spent the rest of the evening in front of our Christmas tree watching Real Housewives and catching up on some blog reading.

eggplant pizzas

green smoothie


Randomly on Wednesday morning, I decided it was time to beef up my Spotify Christmas playlist that I had made last year. I added about forty more songs that I love and spent the entire day at work listening. Can you say Christmas obsessed? I think so. For dinner we had a good ol’ standby of chicken & avocado quesadillas made with our favorite quesadilla maker (thanks Mom and Dad!) after I completed level two of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. I will say that I was not feeling so hot as I had a major headache but I somehow powered through that workout and felt better because of it.



I had all intentions of coming home from work, having a salad from Subway and getting some things done around the apartment. I did have that salad from Subway and it was so delicious! However, earlier that afternoon I had received a text from Natasha to attend Wethersfield’s tree lighting/holiday kickoff so I ended up meeting up with her, Alex, Alexandra and her sisters and did a little shopping and walking around there. We ended the evening with dinner for them/a bowl of chili and glass of wine for me at Birch Hill Tavern. I’m so glad I ended up going out!

subway salad

birch hill chili


I’m working from home today and I woke up early to tackle a chilly two mile walk around town, ending with a skinny peppermint mocha from Starbucks. After work, I am hoping to grab some grinders from Nardelli’s for dinner and relax in front of the tree with a Christmas movie before we head out with our friends.

morning walk

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend doing all kinds of festive things!



Late Weekend Recap: Steak, Shopping, and Starbucks

29 Apr

Happy hump day! I regret not being able to finish up this post Monday or yesterday but I do not regret spending that time getting a TON of stuff checked off of my wedding checklist. But, alas, I am back today and looking forward to sharing a few fun aspects of this past weekend.

wedding planning ecard

Friday evening, we had dinner with our good friends Dave, Melissa, Cheyne, and Miko. I’m telling you, there is nothing like a dinner full of fun and laughter to start off a weekend. We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and it was my first time dining there. I had the Special Sirloin and Old Bay Lobster combo accompanied by a baked potato. I also enjoyed two fabulous cocktails, the Aussie Rum Punch and the Huckleberry Hooch Moonshine cocktail. The meal was delicious and it definitely satisfied my steak and potatoes craving that I have not been able to shake.

outback rum punch

outback steak

I started off Saturday with a quick Jillian Michaels workout followed by a two mile walk with Dan around the center of town. We were ravenous by the time we were almost home so we stopped at Starbucks where I enjoyed my favorite Passion iced tea and my first ever Spinach, Egg White, and Feta wrap. Bloggers everywhere have raved about this wrap and I would have to agree, it was so yummy!

starbucks wrap

We spent the rest of the day making an attempt to get some wedding-related tasks completed and we were able to get our registry at Macy’s set up and I also have an idea of what I would like for my flower girls dresses. As a reward for getting things done, we went to Market Grille for a late lunch. This place always seems to be the lunch spot after doing fun wedding things and I’m not complaining! Dan and I both enjoyed their turkey burger with a fried egg added, and I had their Blackberry Moonshine Mojito (made with Onyx moonshine!) as a delightful afternoon cocktail.

onyx mojito

market grille burger

I was SO happy that we had some free time on Sunday and we were finally able to help our best friend Alex get some chores done at her new house. It is coming along wonderfully and I am very excited for her housewarming party this coming weekend.

That is all for today folks! Stay tuned, I am expecting my next Stitchfix to arrive today so it’s looking like there is a Fashion Friday post in my future! 🙂 Have a great day!

WIAW: A Day in the Eats

4 Mar

Happy hump day! I’m super happy that it’s Wednesday because it’s practically my Friday. I have jury duty tomorrow which I’m actually excited about (I’m weird) and then I have Friday off. I figured I would share yesterday’s meals with you guys so you can see what I’ve been eating lately.

I eat the same breakfast every single day and surprisingly I’m not bored yet. It’s always a Yoplait Greek yogurt with whatever flavor of Pure Love granola that I have open that particular week. Yesterday it was a vanilla yogurt with gingerbread granola which was a very tasty combo that I will definitely be eating again.

wiaw breakfast

In my transition over to my new job I also had to change the timing of my snacks and lunch. I usually bring the same snacks each day which include a bag of baby carrots and sliced cucumbers, a bag with one serving of Goldfish, and a banana. I ate these yesterday at around 11:00 but I was still starving for lunch by 12:30.

wiaw snacks

My lunches do tend to vary although the past two weeks I have stuck with sauteed chicken breast, black beans, and brown rice. It really fills me up and since I buy the rice that has some spices in it, I don’t find it to be flavorless or boring as rice usually is.

wiaw lunch

Last night’s dinner was a little out of the norm since we ended up going to Giovanni’s very last minute with our friend Sarah before she and Dan went to a fire department meeting. I had the most delicious honey BBQ chicken salad which I will definitely be ordering again.

Obviously ranch dressing on the side :)

Obviously ranch dressing on the side 🙂

After that insanely huge salad, I didn’t anticipate that I would be able to work out on such a full stomach. But I went home and let my stomach settle for a bit and got right to it! I did about 30 minutes of Jillian Michael’s Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and didn’t even get a cramp until the tail end which is when I knew that it was time to stop 🙂 I’m proud of myself for getting my exercise in even though I had a big dinner.

Not too shabby

Not too shabby

Alrighty, time to get to work and get this day over with so I can be that much closer to my long weekend!

Five Things Friday!

1 Aug

I am SOO happy that it’s finally Friday. I have a busy weekend coming up but I’m excited about that because it will be filled with lots of great times with friends.

1. I am still loving my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch. It is so great to be able to put into perspective the days that I really put in a good workout versus the days that I’m dragging a little bit. I highly encourage that everyone picks up one of these guys since they are very helpful for working out.

2. We had an amazing dinner on Tuesday night at my Grandma’s house. She always goes to Maine for a week during the summer for vacation and while she’s gone, it has become a tradition for Dan and I to go over there and get a TON of laundry done and cook a steak dinner on her grill. We also baked some sweet potatoes and sautéed some brussels sprouts which were obviously my favorite part of the meal (who am I?!).

3. Along with that great meal on Tuesday we also made an awesome dinner on Wednesday (two nights in a row!). For a very long time, I had been wanting to roast a spaghetti squash use that in place of pasta in a meal. I am SO glad that we finally did this and I am kicking myself for not trying it sooner. I have never really been a big pasta fan because of how I feel after eating it so this was such a good substitute. We roasted the squash in the oven, scooped it out, and then topped it with pasta sauce, sautéed tomatoes, and a sprinkle of goat cheese. Holy delish! I can’t wait to make more recipes using spaghetti squash.

I basically put goat cheese on everything now.

I basically put goat cheese on everything now.

4. Last night was our last regular season softball game and although we lost, it was so much fun! I received a surprise visit from my Aunt Jodi and my cousin Sean who is one of my very favorite people in the world. After the game, the team ordered pizza and drank some beers and just spent some wonderful time together.

5. Tomorrow night is the Jason Aldean/Florida Georgia Line concert and I can’t wait! I am looking forward to some more shenanigans like the ones that took place at the Rascal Flatts concert. It’s supposed to rain but that shouldn’t put too much of a damper on the day.

Alrighty, well it’s time to get in gear and get ready for work! Have a great weekend!