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Thursdays are for… Surveys?

9 Apr

Happy Thursday guys! One more day until the weekend, thank god 🙂 I don’t have a lot of time today since tomorrow is Dan’s birthday and I have a few little things left to take care of before we celebrate tomorrow. Caitlin did a survey on Monday on her blog so I figured I would do it as well since it seemed pretty fun.



Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

  1. Hanny (don’t ask)
  2. Nay-Nay
  3. Shawn-Nay-Nay
  4. Bubbins 2 🙂

Four jobs I have had:

  1. Cashier at Shoprite
  2. Seasonal worker at Brownstone Park
  3. Sales Associate at Calendar Club
  4. Intern at Connecticut Judicial Branch

Four movies I have watched more than once (those who know me will know that this was difficult):

  1. Parent Trap – I can quote almost the entire thing!
  2. The Stepford Wives
  3. Home Alone
  4. Panic Room


Four books I’d recommend:

  1. The Host – great book, terrible movie
  2. Something Blue
  3. The Help
  4. Under the Dome

Four places I have lived:

  1. East Hartford, CT
  2. Storrs, CT – college
  3. Glastonbury, CT – at a previous residence
  4. Glastonbury, CT – at my current home

Four places I have been:

  1. Spain
  2. Mexico (Mexico City, Taxco, Acapulco)
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Aruba
Can we please get back on that cruise ship and head back to Aruba?

Can we please get back on that cruise ship and head back to Aruba?

Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. Curled up in my bed watching Netflix with a glass of wine (how is that for specific?!)
  2. On a cruise ship
  3. At the casino
  4. Las Vegas

Four things I don’t eat (I’m not picky so this was actually very hard):

  1. Cilantro – I just really hate the stuff
  2. Veal – I saw a disturbing video in middle school health class
  3. Frog legs – Tried them on a cruise, so not my thing
  4. Sardines – I HATE fish that has bones in it

Four of my favorite foods:

  1. Lobster – DUH
  2. Cheeseburgers
  3. Brussels sprouts
  4. Anything which incorporates a combo of goat cheese and truffle oil (and maybe an egg too)
Truffle pizza with an egg on it is my version of heaven

Truffle pizza with an egg on it is my version of heaven

Four TV shows that I watch:

  1. Grey’s Anatomy
  2. Scandal
  3. Bones
  4. Chicago Fire

scandal meme

Four things I am looking forward to this year:

  1. Our wedding! – I think that goes without saying
  2. All of the pre-wedding festivities (bridal shower, bachelorette, etc)
  3. Spending more time at the beach this summer
  4. Both Melissa and Kaitlin’s wedding festivities

Four things I am always saying:

  1. Let’s snuggle – my favorites know that I am always saying this
  2. OMG – I get hyped up easily J
  3. Cray cray – I should probably stop this one
  4. I love you – I believe in constantly telling the people that I love that I love them obnoxiously
This kind of sums it up :)

This kind of sums it up 🙂

Four people I tag:

  1. I’m not tagging anyone in particular just leaving it open to any of my blogger friends who want to participate.

Wow, this was fun! It definitely brought me back to my high school Myspace days of doing these types of surveys, although quite a bit has changed since then. Have good day!