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Why I Decided to Roast a Chicken & Other Weekend Stuff

20 Mar

Happy Monday! This weekend went by way too fast. Does anyone else agree? Even though it flew by, I feel like we got so much done which is great and it is always good to start off the week feeling like I’m ahead.

Friday… started with a tough bootcamp at Mission followed by an incredible avocado, egg white & spinach breakfast sandwich from Panera. I was really craving avocado and this was exactly what I was looking for!

Panera power sandwich

Friday night… we had a delicious dinner at Bears with Robbie and Jenna followed by drinks to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. It was a fun night out and I’m glad we were able to spend some quality time with them ­čÖé

Diamond st pattys day

Saturday… we ran some errands during the morning and early afternoon including a vet visit for Charlie which was not a good experience at all and we will be changing vets ASAP.

Saturday night… my beloved East Hartford Hornets were playing in the state championship for basketball at Mohegan Sun so we decided to make a night of it. We had dinner at Chick-fil-a (don’t judge, it was SO delicious) and drinks along with a bit of gambling before the game. We ended up losing the game but it was so exciting to see my favorite team play in the championship and I’m so proud of them and the huge outpouring of support from our town.

Hornets basketball 1

Hornets basketball 2

Sunday… I planned on getting up for bootcamp but we didn’t get to bed until almost 1:00am the night before so an early morning was not in the cards for me. I slept in a little bit and ended up going to Cardio Express to run on the treadmill. I completed four miles of jogging/walking which I don’t think I’ve ever done before and I’m feeling it this morning!

Sunday afternoon… I had the urge to make a big Sunday dinner that would provide leftovers for lunch for the week. I scoured the ads and found that whole chickens were on sale and decided to roast one using Ina Garten’s famous recipe. I had never actually roasted a whole chicken before so I was a bit intimidated but the recipe was SO easy and it was nice to spend a few hours cooking in the kitchen while Dan napped (he was up at 5:00am for drill after our late night). I also made this triple chocolate banana bread which was SO good and I honestly can’t stand regular banana bread so I was happy with this chocolately version.

Roasted chicken 1

Roasted chicken 2

Roasted chicken 3

Roasted chicken 4

Triple chocolate banana bread

Sunday night… we devoured the chicken with a side of mashed cauliflower and the veggies that I cooked with the chicken along with a bottle of Chardonnay which paired so well with the chicken. We stayed up a little too late watching March Madness so I’m quite tired today but nothing that a cup (or two) of coffee can’t fix.

Roasted chicken 5

I hope you all have a fun and productive Monday!



Wordless Wednesday: BIG News!

16 Mar

The title of this post is basically incorrect because it will definitely have words because when you have big exciting news, words are the best way to share that news (duh). I know that many of you are friends with me on Facebook so you already know our big news but I’m still excited to share it!



Ignore my sun blindness ­čśë

This is the reason why I’ve been pretty absent as of late since life is out of control crazy and we have SO much going on. We love our house and can’t wait to finally move in as the hardwood floors are getting refinished right now and our big moving day will be the 26th so right now we are just buying the things we need and starting to (slowly) pack up our apartment. I will definitely have more to come on this and will share pictures of the house once we move stuff in. I’m going to keep this post short since my mind is all over the place but I want to share some random photos which I have collected on my phone over the past few weeks.

gios pizza

Hawaiian pizza from Giovanni’s

powder hollow beer flight

Beer flight from Powder Hollow Brewery (this place is awesome!)

turkey bolognese

Julie’s recipe was so easy and delicious!

run mile

I have managed to get a few quality workouts in too!

Like I said, another short and sweet post, but I will be back soon with some exciting stuff that I have coming up! I hope you all have a happy Wednesday!

Five Things Friday: Long Long Week

4 Apr

This has been one of the longest weeks that I have experienced in a very long time. I will just start right off and explain to you guys why I haven’t posted since Monday.

1. I came home from work on Monday night and we were just sitting down to dinner when we noticed our cat Billi playing with something by the back door. Dan went over to look and noticed that there was water leaking in from the door. Within minutes, the water was coming in at a more rapid rate. He went upstairs to see if it was coming from up┬áthere and found that there was three inches of water in our neighbors kitchen. Apparently, our lovely upstairs neighbor decided to thaw out steak in the sink by running hot water over it and he had the drain blocked so the sink overflowed for about AN HOUR! The water came in through our light fixtures and saturated our kitchen and bedroom walls and ceilings. The restoration company has installed a bunch of fans and dehumidifiers and our bedroom is dry as of today but the kitchen walls are still soaked. The fans make it very hot and loud and I honestly just haven’t had the energy to write any other posts this week.

But seriously.

But seriously.

2. Due to the noise and heat from the fans, Dan and I were able to have an unexpected date night at Plan B on Wednesday. It just so happened that it was National PB&J day and Plan B was serving my favorite PB&J burger all week! We also ordered a beer flight where we got to sample five different draft beers. My hands-down favorite was the Avita Purple Haze. I loved it so much that I bought it when I went to Whole Foods yesterday evening.

Sorry about the crappy restaurant lighting.

Sorry about the crappy restaurant lighting.

Is it sad that this burger was the highlight of my week?

Is it sad that this burger was the highlight of my week?

Quite embarrassing but every person needs one of these pics :)

Quite embarrassing but every person needs one of these pics ­čÖé

3. I was kind of able to pamper myself somewhat this week which definitely helped with my stress level. Tuesday was my day off so I ended up getting my nails and eyebrows done. I picked a lovely watermelon shade of pink for my nails and that definitely got me in the spring mood. Yesterday I left work an hour early and FINALLY got a haircut. I haven’t gotten one since Christmastime so it felt great to get rid of those split ends that have been driving me crazy. I also gave myself a pedicure yesterday evening while watching Scandal on Netflix (obsessed by the way) so that was definitely a nice little treat as well.

4. The reason for all of the pampering is because Saturday evening is the Glastonbury Fire Department’s Annual Awards Banquet. I look forward to this every year as it is a chance to get all dressed up and have a nice fancy┬ádinner with all of my friends. This year, Dan will be receiving his award for five years of service in the department (yay!)┬áso I am very excited about that. The place where the banquet is held is extremely close to our apartment so we are able to walk there and then walk over to the Diamond after for drinks with everyone. I bought my dress for the banquet at TJ Maxx and I got a killer deal. It’s a blue Ralph Lauren dress┬áthat was originally $169 and then marked down to $50 and again to $30 on clearance. I will post pictures from the banquet on Monday so you guys can see it.

5. I successfully (and painfully) completed my first run of the year outside yesterday evening. I was looking at my calendar at work today and realized that my first 5k is at the end of this month so I figured it was about time to get my butt in gear. Since I got out of work early and it was so nice out, I had no excuse. I ran for about a mile and a half (well ran and walked) and was averaging about a 13 minute mile which is pretty normal for me. I had some horrendous side cramps throughout the run so I think I will hopefully do better next time.

Very painful and short run

Very painful and short run

Have you ever had a week where everything possible seemed to be going wrong?

Have you started your outdoor workouts yet?