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Monday Coffee Date # 2

24 Apr

Happy Monday! I haven’t done one of these in quite a while and my thoughts are pretty random today so I figured it was the perfect day for a coffee date! I also have coffee on the brain since I decided to buy a big bag of the Pecan Turtle coffee from my favorite spot, Daybreak, and last night we brewed a big batch of iced coffee for the week. I hope you all had a great weekend and that you had some sunshine for at least part of it like we did.

daybreak iced coffee homemade

If we were having a coffee date, I would tell you… grilling season has officially begun and I’m loving it! We had cheeseburgers last weekend and steak on another night last week. I feel like I’ve been in somewhat of a meal planning rut and being able to grill again will definitely help get me out of that.

first burger 2017

steak dinner 2

If we were having a coffee date, I would tell you… sunshine is everything to me right now. As corny as it sounds, I am just loving the beautiful days when we have them. Saturday was kind of gloomy but we still spent it outside at Olde Burnside Brewery with a group of friends followed by dinner and a movie at our house. It was a perfect day!

burnside brewery

This is most definitely true.

If we were having a coffee date, I would tell you… active rest days are my jam. I made it to boot camp four times last week and I was feeling a bit tired and in need of rest. I took Saturday completely off and yesterday I thought about going to boot camp but I decided to go for a long walk around the center of town. It was just what I needed and I feel very well rested today but not like I spent all weekend lounging around. I also enjoyed my first homemade smoothie of the season which was refreshing and fueled my long walk well.


sunny day walk

sunday walk

Slow and steady wins the race ūüėČ

If we were having a coffee date, I would tell you… I do not have a green thumb but I’m thankful that my husband does ūüôā A month or so ago, I planted a bunch of seeds indoors and yesterday, Dan transplanted them outside. I helped with the cleanup of some of the bushes and did some raking but he knew the best way to plant the plants themselves. Thanks hubby!

beer and gardening

You can’t garden without enjoying a beer, am I right? ūüėČ

If we were having a coffee date, I would tell you… I killed it on the grocery shopping front this week. I had a bunch of coupons and there were some great deals. I usually don’t buy much meat as it can get expensive but with such good deals, I was able to stock up on a bunch of different things. I rewarded myself with a sub from Subway for which I also had a coupon! #winning

all the meat

subway lunch

That’s all for today! I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week ūüôā

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Do you enjoy gardening?


Five Things Friday: The Week in Review

4 Dec

Happy Friday, once again! I found that some parts of this week went by super slow, while other days were over before I knew it. I’m trying to enjoy every single moment of this holiday season as it is my favorite time of year, and I think everyone can agree it always goes by way too fast. I figured I would use my five things today to provide a little recap of my week.


Due to a lot of cleaning, meal-prepping, and just prepping for the week in general, I started off the week feeling very on top of everything and totally ready. I came home from work, completed a new-to-me video, Jillian Michael’s Killer Arms and Back, and had a delicious dinner with the hubby. On a side note, I will say that I absolutely loved this new video from Jillian and I highly recommend it, not just to work out the arms and back because it definitely provided a full body work out (aka I was sore as heck the next day). Our dinner consisted of a power bowl including apple chicken sausage, brussels, and brown rice, all drizzled with some Frank’s sweet chili sauce. SO good!

Power bowl


Still feeling quite on top of things for the week, I came home from work and completed Jillian’s Killer Abs video which I also love (weird, I know). Dan had a fire department meeting so he prepared these delicious eggplant pizzas from Kalyn’s Kitchen. It was our first time cooking with eggplant and we definitely enjoyed it! I have already pinned a bunch more eggplant related recipes. I also enjoyed a green smoothie made with spinach, frozen peaches, raspberries, and blackberries which was delicious. I spent the rest of the evening in front of our Christmas tree watching Real Housewives and catching up on some blog reading.

eggplant pizzas

green smoothie


Randomly on Wednesday morning, I decided it was time to beef up my Spotify Christmas playlist that I had made last year. I added about forty more songs that I love and spent the entire day at work listening. Can you say Christmas obsessed? I think so. For dinner we had a good ol’ standby of chicken & avocado quesadillas made with our favorite quesadilla maker (thanks Mom and Dad!) after I completed level two of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. I will say that I was not feeling so hot as I had a major headache but I somehow powered through that workout and felt better because of it.



I had all intentions of coming home from work, having a salad from Subway and getting some things done around the apartment. I did have that salad from Subway and it was so delicious! However, earlier that afternoon I had received a text from Natasha to attend Wethersfield’s tree lighting/holiday kickoff so I ended up meeting up with her, Alex, Alexandra and her sisters and did a little shopping and walking around there. We ended the evening with dinner for them/a bowl of chili and glass of wine for me at Birch Hill Tavern. I’m so glad I ended up going out!

subway salad

birch hill chili


I’m working from home today and I woke up early to tackle a chilly two mile walk around town, ending with a skinny peppermint mocha from Starbucks. After work, I am hoping to grab some grinders from Nardelli’s for dinner and relax in front of the tree with a Christmas movie before we head out with our friends.

morning walk

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend doing all kinds of festive things!



Five Favorite Workouts

29 Oct

Although some people enjoy Wednesdays, I think that they are kind of annoying. They are a tease that you are still pretty close to Monday and far enough away from Friday that you can’t really get excited about it yet. My favorite day is Thursday because the end is actually in sight, unless of course I have to work that Saturday and then the end of the week feels like it is never in sight. Well that’s enough ranting for today so let’s get on to the meat of this post. My current¬†five favorite workouts all involve some form of cardio but I like to incorporate strength training into my workout too¬†which is pretty new for me.

True story bro

True story bro

  • My current favorite workout is the elliptical for 45+/- minutes followed by weights at the gym. I enjoy this especially in the morning because all it involves is driving my sleepy self to the gym and getting on that machine. By the time I’m done with that I’m usually awake enough to put together some type of repertoire of weight¬†training,¬†my favorite being¬†bicep¬†curls.
Those are some elliptical and weights calories right there

Those are some elliptical and weights calories right there

  • If I’m not making it to the gym in the morning or if I’m working out late at night,¬†my go-to workout has been Jillian Michael’s Kickboxing Fastfix. I have mentioned it in previous posts but it¬†is a serious full body workout and I love it. There are three 20 minute circuits and I¬†usually do two of those on any given night. It definitely leaves me sweating and its easy enough to complete in an apartment’s living room.
  • When I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I like to pull out Dan’s set¬†of Insanity DVDs and do the¬†Pure Cardio workout. It’s different from the rest of the Insanity¬†workouts in that it doesn’t involve too much repetition which is boring to me and it¬†is also very quick and definitely gets the job done.
That is NOT a joke

That is NOT a joke

  • If I’m at the gym but I have more time than to¬†just do the¬†elliptical, I like to do a mixture of running and the Stairmaster. I try to¬†complete a mile or so on the treadmill¬†which helps to¬†warm me up and then I move on to the Stairmaster which is my nemesis but I find that it makes me sweat like nothing else. My legs are literally¬†shaking by the end and I have only¬†recently been able to get up to 30 minutes on¬†it but it is one of the most effective workouts I have¬†done.
This was such a proud moment for me

This was such a proud moment for me

  • Lastly,¬†if I’m feeling tired but I still want to get my heart rate up I LOVE to go on a walk around town. I usually try to complete around three miles and I will go alone¬†or with Dan but there is nothing like taking in the scenery and¬†getting some fresh air. I follow my walks up with some abs and arms work at home.
There is nothing more peaceful to me than this view :)

There is nothing more peaceful to me than this view ūüôā

That is all for today guys and I hope you all have a great hump day!

Trade It Up Tuesday: Warp Speed

29 Jul

I don’t know about you guys but to me it seems like time is absolutely flying by right now. There is always something going on and whenever I think there is a little window of time to relax, something else comes up. I’m really not complaining though because my work days have also been going by very quickly which makes me feel like I’m getting to the FUN all that sooner. Here are a few things that I would/would not trade from this past weekend.

But really Natasha, I could not agree more!

I would not trade… attending Glastonbury’s Irish festival both Friday and Saturday night. The Irish fest is always such a fun time and Friday night I was able to spend time with Jenna, Alex and Dan while Saturday night I met up with Dave and Melissa. I tried to limit my spending while there so Friday night I enjoyed a Guinness and Saturday night I was starving after my workout so I had a baked potato which was exactly what I had been craving. The music was great and it was fun to see everyone dancing and enjoying themselves.

This isn't really true but it's so funny! Source: Google

This isn’t really true but it’s so funny! Source: Google

I would trade… how totally exhausted I have been lately. To touch on what¬†Caitlin had mentioned last week about slowing down a little bit, I feel like I have been going SO non-stop that I am always tired. I¬†honestly can’t find much to¬†cut out from my schedule since everything has been important or has been events that I have wanted to¬†attend. Friday night was the worst night as far as my energy level because after the Irish Fest, we went and had a quick drink at the Diamond and I came home and totally crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow. I¬†think I really just need¬†to try to get to bed earlier when I know there are busy days coming up.

I would not trade… an amazing day and the Connecticut Wine Fest on Sunday in¬†Goshen, CT. I had been seeing a lot of hype on¬†Facebook about this event and I knew I really wanted to attend. It definitely lived¬†up to my expectations and I was able to try a ton of different wines from¬†local vineyards¬†that we had yet to visit. We also enjoyed some yummy grilled pizza (trying this at home ASAP!) as well as apple fritters that Dan had to have as soon as he¬†saw them. There were definitely a lot of¬†laughs had between Dan and I (more from me since he had to drive) and it was so great to be able to get away for a¬†few hours and spend some one-on-one time with him.

We HAD to stop at Haight Brown for some of my favorite Honey Nut Apple wine

We HAD to stop at Haight Brown for some of my favorite Honey Nut Apple wine

I would not trade… my¬†Saturday night walks that I have been getting in after work. The past two working Saturdays, Dan was not around when I got out of work so I used that time to get in about a three mile walk each time. It has been so helpful to be able to spend time alone to clear my head and¬†enjoy¬†some fresh air. I was also able to catch sunsets both times which made the walks entirely worth it.

As you can tell, there are definitely more things I would not trade even though I seem to be in a little bit of a complaining mood. I am going to try my very best to get a solid eight hours of sleep tonight so that I can stop feeling like my head is in the clouds. Have a happy Tuesday!